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This was my submission for Drinks On Fire for +Chrysta Rae 's Scavenger hunt.

I had asked my hubby to help me out but he said he couldn't because he was busy. So I went ahead and did it myself.

I wanted a fireplace look, so I used some paving bricks and made a sort of little fireplace out of them. then I took the two bottles and emptied them (they were almost empty already . hic!) and refilled them with water and food colouring to make them look like the real thing.

I took some magazines and newspapers with me and crumple them all up and set them on fire. I used the glasses (one of them broken from another SH shot I did) and put them in the fire as well.

So, as I was doing this in my ahem front yard... a neighbour comes walking along and stops by to see what I'm doing. So I explained to him that I was doing this scavenger hunt and we stood there for a while talking (luckily I had finished by this time) when my hubby finally came out to see what I was doing.

Now, hubby is a fire fighter.. and so of course, the first thing he asked me was "WHY are you doing this 2 FEET from our front door, in the front yard???!!!" He then went on to tell me that there was a fire ban on in the city and how I'm lucky I didn't get caught, and that just that same day his friend at work was on the radio talking about it...

Then he noticed the bottles. Well, I'm pretty damn good with the food colouring and he almost cried standing there watching his bottle of Crown Royal going up in flames. You see, the cap on a crown royal bottle will burn for a very long time. A VERY long time. So of course, I just let him sweat on that one for a while seeing as I asked him for help and he refused me only to give me hell about it later!!

So I left the mess there because it was late and I was going to clean it up the next day.

The next day comes, and 2 of his FF buddies came over and one of them was.. you guessed it... the guy who was on the radio talking about the burning ban... so I had to listen to it aaaaaalll over again, because I hadn't cleaned it up yet... sigh

And after all that I didn't even place!! ;)
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Uggg. Great, story however. That is what he gets for not helping you inside. I had my hubby helping me inside. He had the torch. :) But, he's not a firefighter, so he doesn't see what COULD go wrong on a daily basis.
lol...great story +Sandra Parlow! Frankly I'm shocked none of us burned down our city's trying this one! Great effect...hope all the grief was worth it!
yeah - I just played "well, I asked you for help" card!! lol!
It was scary, yet fun, doing the fire shots! I am glad we all survived it too. :)
Hummm.. Sounds like a good excuse to empty the bottels and I am sure not a drop was waisted , If you need some help next time give me a call. Great light and a hot wisky sounds good about now. :) Allan
Very nice shot! I can imagine your obituary will refer to a scavenger hunt photography setup. ;)
I would think could almost be a romantic seen, back yard setting might have prodused differnt results... Allan ;)
LOL! it probably would have - our back yard is mostly all wooden deck! we coulda had quite the fire going back there!!!
I love shooting fire. Nice shot :)
But it makes for a great story. I couldn't imagine doing this myself. But then I live on a boat and I'm sure the marina would have a real issue with me starting a fire on the docks. It looks great +Sandra Parlow and I'm proud of what you did; burn ban or not.
When you are not sleeping on the couch or finishing up a box of Cheese-iTs, you are a really dangerous woman!
Thank you +Marc Blackwell

+Chris Davies hmmm... - yes, I would suppose they might have a problem with that!! It would make for a hell of a bonfire though!! O.o

+Paul Johnston that's right... if I'm awake and not eating I get really bored and need to find something to do!!!!
Not with the firefighter on the seen, sounds like the perfict rescue to me, I am a part time firefighter you know? lest when I am not lighting them.well er after anneyway :) Allan
Uyi I
+Sandra Parlow Is your husband from Buffalo, NY or the Western New York region? I ask because he a crown royal drinker.
Those husbands... never there to help but always there to criticize ;)
the story just makes this perfect =)
That story is priceless!! You should probably give a fire prevention talk to a preschool class to redeem yourself now... :-)
Heheh. Have you relented and showed him the secret stash of Crown Royal?
my hubby is a Safety Advisor/Consultant/Officer and he was super annoying with all his "safety tips" as i was looking through this album.
Yeah +kimberly pemberton .... I eventually told the whole lot of them what they could do with their reprimands!! And then I grinned... ;)
THanks everyone - it was an adventure to be sure!! And I dont think me talking to young children is that good of an idea.. I think it would be like adding fuel to the fire!!
Wow, Great Shot +Sandra Parlow I'll have to track down this group of photos to see what beat you out..... :-/
There must have been for that not to make it......
Damn, I'm going to have to track that down when I get back... heading out the door to run my daughter somewhere real quick.....
See +Sandra Parlow , if your FF hubby would have helped by bringing the firetruck and buddies in for the shot you would have won for sure. Make it tall drinks on fire. ;-)
CONGRATS on the purple win!
Cool. +Sandra Parlow

"I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain"

Oh I had to.
Loved the story about this image. Had me laughing. Good way to end my night. Thank you for that!
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