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A little more eye candy for the hoar frost junkies!!

For #TreeTuesday curated by the wonderful and lovely +Christina Lawrie !!
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I love waking up to this view. Nothing like it.
+Dado Molina you would be surprised to hear that on these days it's very warm out (well, for winter) they are a joy to shoot in every way!!
Beautiful! Does it ave to get to -30 degrees before you get to see such beauty? just curious.
+John Getchel it's actually quite warm when this occurs. Usually in March when things are starting to warm up. I think it's when you have a warm day, followed by a cool night - it creates a kind of fog that clings to the trees -and then in the morning when it warms up again it turns really white. Shooting on days like this are usually pretty crisp, but not that cold at all. By about 10 am the sun melts the frost and it just flakes off the trees. Earlier if there is any wind.
It really is gorgeous! I'm hoping to catch some this spring now that I have a better camera, and I've learned how to shoot/stitch panoramas....
omigosh, omigosh! ... (that's all I got, 'cuz my brain just froze from the magnificence.)
THanks +Giuseppe Basile !! I wish I could snap my fingers and transport you here the next time it happens! Glad you are enjoying them!
Gotta love Hoar Frost! Yeah we are finally getting some snow!
hardly any here either.. VERY weird..
I have to wonder Jaycee... global warming???
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