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Something from a little closer to home!

I shot this at the lake last summer. I don't often get out of bed real early to shoot the sunrise but for some reason while I'm on holidays I can manage to do it.

Soon spring will start for us, and I look forward to the warm sun shiny days.
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oooow! Pretty!! I love how the reflection gets cut off on the shore; while the bridge continues...
Mmmmm... I'm calmed by those vibrant colors (or I guess *colours if I'm talking to a Canadian!). Lovely shot of what seems like a picturesque scene. Great work, +Sandra Parlow :) It almost makes me believe that your region might have seasons other than "cold".
Gorgeous light and I love the reflection!
very classic!
Getting up early is difficult with me as well - I manage good when traveling to the west (e.g. US) because of the jet lag :-)
+Sandra Parlow - You said there was nothing to shoot around you!! This is great and definitely something! ;)
+Gary Munroe yeah well, this is still almost an hour away - and there is not a lot of it! Actually - this is at Clear Lake which I believe I mentioned to you!
ha haa! +Jeff Moreau ! you had me smiling at your proper Canadian spelling of the word Colour! Good for you!!! And yes, actually, our summers DO get quite HOT!

+Martin Kling - yeah, that only works for about 2 days for me though! ;)

THank you so much everyone!
+Sandra Parlow - Mentioned to me?? And you expect me to remember? Geeze.. Maybe you need to go more macro in your world and you'd see it all in a whole new light... if only there was a lens for that... ;)
LOL! I'm still waiting for it to come in +Gary Munroe !! Yeah - when you said you might be passing through this way I told you about it.. don't you listen to anything I say??
+Sandra Parlow - All I can say is I have terrible short-term memory and my long-term memory is worse.
again what learned as a famous German soccer star is quoted regularily: I didn't know that Canadians speak Oxford style - me poor German still remembers the Jello/Jelly discussion from the March Hunt!
and +Sandra Parlow , as my business trips usually are below two weeks I'm actually doing fine if I simply keep up rising. But getting back poses real issues ... :-)
I can see that it would be harder coming home +Martin Kling - as that lost hour seems to have more of an impact some how!!
Oh lovely golden bridge Sandra! It almost makes me feel warm enough to get out of bed.
Lol, it dropped about 20 deg in temp here the last couple days. And a winter storm is rolling in.
Yeah - we finally had a good snow dump!! It was a real bitch breaking out that snow shovel after all this time!!
Heh... I dated a Canadian for awhile, +Sandra Parlow ... I learned all aboot the "proper" spellings ;)
Ouch! My parents could get a foot or more. Of course this means a trip to Yosemite with fresh snow!
Yeah - I'm thinking that I might finally get my snow shoes out and get some winter shots!
i can't wait for spring as well.
my crocuses have started to bloom. :)
oooh! I've never seen a crocus in real life :(
+Sandra Parlow - I'll pick you up this summer and drop you off there... you'll have to find your own way back though. ;)
+Sandra Parlow - Well I'm sure you could hitchhike back.. just think of the shots you'd get! ;)
THat's not very nice +Gary Munroe .. what if a psycho picked me up?? :(

oh wait - that would be on the way there....
+Sandra Parlow - Ah.. that's better.. It was approaching the half-hour and I was getting the shakes without being insulted... thanks. ;)
I know - It was good for me too.... sigh I think I need a cigarette....
<-- digs out the Popeye cigarettes. ;)
In the best way possible!! ;)
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