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I have been trying to shoot this plant for years. It's a Lemon Thyme plant an the petals are incredibly small... I've never been able to shoot it this way before - but now with the macro lens - I can get in really close to these gorgeous little leaves! I can't wait until they turn purple and pink!! I'm so excited to see the details of summer this year.

BTW - these things smell like lemons when you touch them. I sometimes will go out and run my fingers over them just to get the smell of lemon.

It's the small things that count....

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woo hoo....glad you are having such good time with your new lens :D
I'm happy you finally get to get close =0
Lovely shot!
Beautiful texture on the flower...Nicely done!
Well done, +Sandra Parlow! I have a very similar plant but isn't an herb. I love lemon thyme. I love how it looks glittery.
You're kicking butt with that macro lens girl!
This is so nice! Looks like you have a great feel for that 105 :)
Thanks everyone! I was actually surprised by the spotty bits on them - I've never noticed them with my naked eye before!

I'm looking forward to flowers like crazy this year!! thank you so much everyone!! I'm glad you like my little plant!!!
I so know what youre talking about +Sandra Parlow . I take pictures just so I can see what their junk looks like for myself.
Lovely image. Whole new worlds open to you now...
Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous, Sandra!! Holy smokes!!!
oops... I forgot my strategy of letting +Kelli Seeger Kim comment first so I can point at it like this ^ and say "yeah, what she said!"
Lovely shot, Sandra, very colourful!
Lovely leaves, +Sandra Parlow ! :)

I giggled to myself when I imagined you discreetly rubbing the leaves just to get their good smell.
What happens when you touch mint then lemon!?!?! :-o
Very pretty macro capture! I have lime thyme that i do the same thing with! It is the little things. :-)
We have some lemon balm that gives off a similar scent. I see you're gonna be in the bush a lot this summer, +Sandra Parlow. :D
Not until wood tick season is over +Tom Tran ... then I'll be there a lot I think !
You have a lot of ticks by you, +Sandra Parlow. Must be from all the wildlife? Speaking of tick, my wife brought home one as a souvenir from their Spring Break trip (the one I missed). She was lucky to find it on her head before it got to her scalp. It's been almost 2 weeks and it's still alive inside a ziploc bag. I've been meaning to shoot some macro of it but still haven't the chance. Those beasts are tough!
I HATE them +Tom Tran .. they are so gross!!

I went out last spring and was poking around in the bushes and came home, sat at my desk and one fell out of my hair and landed on my desk! I totally freaked!

I've never run up those stairs, ripped off my clothes and did a body check so fast in all my life. I saw parts of myself that I just should never have to look at that day.. all in the name of tick inspection..... it was like a double whammy!

Its funny - we have less forest here than where we used to live - but they are terrible here - they hide in the grass and such.. terrible. I had to pull ah HUGE one off my dog about 2 years ago. It was so big... about the size of my thumbnail and just gross!!! ANd of course hubby was away so I had to do it myself. I drowned it in rubbing alcohol.....
LOL about the body check. Hey, better safe than sorry. Around here Lyme disease is a huge risk so it can't be taken lightly. They are truly disgusting after they filler-up.
Yes - and that will stay with you forever - so I try to stay out of the grassy and forested areas until about the end of June. they are usually gone by that time!
Ticks. I am constantly exposed to them in my work. 99% of the time I feel them before they take hold. They like to tickle my neck and ankles. Not sure what the rate of Lyme disease is in central Washington.
ugh! +Greg Berdan that would drive me insane!! I suppose you'd get used to them after a while ... but ... ewwwww!!
It's a good time if you bring someone you really like. At the end of the day you get to check each other for ticks. That leads to other things. Although it runs the risk of creating a larger form of parasite know as Babies. Babies are known to cause severe sleep deprivation, headaches, financial difficulties and loss of libido. I would bring protection to prevent babies with you if you chose to enter tick prone areas with a person you are attracted to. :)
I think the cure sounds worse than the ticks +Greg Berdan . I mean , sure it might be fun at first but I don't like that parasite idea. I've had that parasite twice and it lasts as long as lyme disease, and it's more invasive.

I'll have to look into this protection you speak of. Is it some kind of tick collar?? blink blink
In some parts they refer to it as a Hat, but it doesn't go on the tick.
hmmm... do you think a toque will do the trick??
This is beautyful Macro Photo whit Love! ! !:-). 1 NICE und ich bin auch nicht mehr so viel wie möglich zu halten ;-) ;-) ;-)
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