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Photography, Custom Picture Framer
I can wield a box knife with the best of them. I can cut mats while standing on my head. I am an expert snow shoveller and I have a sharp tongue, but a soft heart.
  • Photographer, Picture Framer
    Designer, present
    Photographer, Picture framer. Book keeper. All around creative idea person. Needlework designer. Oh, and I am also a proud contender in the annual Lasting Image Garbage Olympics. Certified level one Yoga instructor.
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Canada - in an igloo with a moose
I'm confused...... wait.... maybe I'm not..
I live in the Canadian Prairies and I am surrounded by vast open spaces and big skies.  I have been shooting for about 3 years and I love the way the world looks through the lens of my camera.  I'm still learning and developing as a photographer, and hoping that I can get some amazing shots along my journey!

I am a custom picture framer, so I work with art all day every day.  I love my job, but I wish I had more time to spend on my hobby! 

Why I love photography:  For me, it's an escape. I get away from the people, the stress, the craziness, the organization that our lives become. I can go out in a foul mood, and come home feeling cleansed and refreshed. I like to be out by myself, enjoying the moment - the fresh air, the sight of an orange sky, the sun on my skin, the glimpse of an animal - and the best part is that I get to take it with me. Every photo I take has a memory attached to it. It may not be an exciting memory - but a memory none the less.

Why I am on Google+

I am not on G+ to sell my photos or become famous.  I am here because of the community.  

I love it here.  I have met amazing people and amazing photographers... and they are one in the same to me.  

 I learn from people with amazing skills every day.  People are VERY good about sharing knowledge here.    I get support when I need it, and I feel challenged to do better, to be better in both my photography and my personal life.  

I love it here.  G+ is my home away from home.  ♥

What You Can Expect If You Circle Me

I try to keep my page mostly about photography.  MOSTLY.  I will not share tons of jokes or gif's or spam you with endless links to things.  

I will post photos.  I will make the occasional blog now and again concerning photography or life in general.  I will sometimes talk about myself and my experiences, quite often demonstrating how incredibly geeky I can be.    I will share the work of others - but not all that often - once in a while, and I will share it only if I truly like it.

What you will get is my sense of humour.  My sarcasm.  My laughter.  And some chaos.  And hopefully, some photos that you will enjoy!

If you think this sounds interesting to you - circle me.  I don't bite.... very hard....

If you want me to circle you:

Don't be boring.  Talk to me.  Show me your world through your amazing photos.  Don't post gif's or that's an instant trip to the recycle bin.  Post your religious and political posts to a circle I'm not in.  Don't be a jerk, laugh with me once in a while and most of all - just show me who you are ;)

Bragging rights
I have managed to raise 2 children and be a productive person... regardless of (or maybe in spite of ) my mother not thinking that I'm very domestically talented. ;P HA! SO THERE! My work has been featured twice in the Plus One Photographers for Charity Collection, and I have been awarded an Honourable Mention in the 2014 Stark Awards
  • The School of Life
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Sandra Parlow

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I see you in my dreams
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Sandra Parlow

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So one of my best Googly friends came through for a visit today! What a great guy and he even did some yoga with me!!! Lol!!!
So +Sandra Parlow does yoga!! "Try it", she said!! "You'll like it", she said. "It's not painful", she said!! LOLOL :D
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+Sandra Parlow​ You go girrrl!!!
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Sandra Parlow

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Hmmm... I'll try it out..
It's not quite Pokemon Go, but it's certainly a lovely way to start your morning! Why not try it tomorrow? :)
For many, mornings are the hardest part of the day. Could you set a positive intention from the first blink of your eyes? This yoga app could be for you.
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oh I stand corrected! there are a few free sample programs to try in the app!

I really like this gal's style - she's gentle and not annoying! lol!! try her out!
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Sandra Parlow

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Where There Is Love 
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Wow! Very Nice .....
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Sandra Parlow

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The Beast Who Swallowed The Sun
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Sandra la belle
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Sandra Parlow

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Screaming Your Name In The Dark
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I heard you, I was hiding +Sandra Parlow​ ;)
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Sandra Parlow

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All Her Lacy Bits
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Beautiful colours👌🌹🍀!!!
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Sandra Parlow

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The Queen Wore Too Much Lipstick
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+Sandra Parlow​ very wise of you, (humorous) but wise ☆☆☆☆☆ ;)
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Sandra Parlow

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High Hopes
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Thank you so much for the lovely comments! I'm so glad you all like it!
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Sandra Parlow

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As We Danced Around
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Thank you so much everyone!!
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Sandra Parlow

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The Watering Hole

Beauty on the prairies. 
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Sandra Parlow

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When The Darkness Inside Takes Over
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How could I get a print of this beautiful "_Red Badge of Courage_" photo? I have PayPal.
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Whirlpool Lake in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada / Nikon D5100