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3 Things About Hubspot Your Boss Wants To Know

What most companies are doing today is spending their time, energy and resources to attract people by spreading knowledge about their products and services rather than going door to door to tell them about it. This effective method of inbound marketing is being carried out by creating relevant content that their prospective customers would pay heed to and find valuable.

If you talk about Hubspot, you would know what path your tread. This is a company that spends majority of their time and wits to come up with the best and the most effective content using inbound marketing strategies to attract the target audience. There is no room for those annoying cold calls, junk newsletters and e-mails and unnecessary spam. The result is obvious; you get more web traffic than any other activity can generate and convert your marketing qualifying leads sales qualifying leads. This is the reason that makes it the fastest growing marketing software company.

Why anyone would recommend Hubspot is due to a simple reason, “been there, done that.” So take it from the horse’s mouth, in this era of continuous innovation and connectivity, this is for everyone who wants to generate maximum traffic for their website through the most advanced internet marketing tools. One of the few things that put you in a position to better understand this platform is their background. Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in the year 2006, it has over 675 employees spanning three continents. With over 11,000 customers and offices in Dublin and Sydney, they have just planned to announce a 100 million dollar IPO (Initial Public Offer). Your boss will be happy to find out that this system ensures easy online presence to attract heavy traffic and help your business grow. Hubspot provides a unique content optimization system that facilitates advanced backend publishing tools and gives users the ability to provide their readers with the most relevant and context rich website experience.

Conversion is a critical part of any online marketing platform and therefore Hubspot’s call to action tools give you unique features and functionality with immensely valuable analytics. Unlike the competing platforms, Hubspot uses a graphic or an image or a button to be selected to reach the landing page that displays a form and much more.

Now that takes us to the landing page. Yes, Hubspot prefers content on their landing page and provides more form fields that help in compartmentalizing your e-mail lists. Their COS tool is more flexible than that of any other and gives you the freedom to create a landing page that you think is ideal for your business; you can drag, drop, cop and move, split and cut to make it your own. Hubspot also keeps you updated of the conversion rate, type of traffic, number of views, submissions, contacts and leads created.

The practical analytical tools of Hubspot allow you to easily assess the areas where you should be spending your time and resources to attract more traffic, enhance page/keyword performance and keep a tab on your competition, all at once. It also enables you to recognize your most popular blog posts or pages by tracking views, CTA%, high ranking keywords, number of inbound links, history of actions of leads/customers, etc.

Hubspot also facilitates training and support through “the Academy” that is an added bonus to the users. It is not just a demo video or a simple walkthrough of and around the basics or the tools. It is rather an educational tool that provides a direct and one-on-one access. This makes the users more confident and skilled with the interface of the entire platform to ensure seamless function.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons to choose Hubspot; its design and customization features. It becomes easy to manage the elements of your website as it offers drag and drop module system. Adding, deleting and moving any and all elements of your website can be done in a snap of your fingers. Hubspot’s proprietary platform comes equipped with an extensive marketplace of developers, third party apps and add-ons that make integration with any system possible.

Creating innovative newsletter layouts, e-mail sequences, auto responders and workflows is a breeze with Hubspot. Forming an online community becomes easier and you can beat your competitors by scoring more views and likes. Lead scoring is another feature that helps you manage, edit or keep track of all your leads that you make through your website.

The very simple message here is that no matter how much you know, you always stand to learn and gain something new or perhaps just a new perspective on the same discipline. Not only does this platform provide you an opportunity for actionable knowledge through an inspiring learning curve but also the tools make for an ideal route to monumental online presence. So all in all, Hubspot has some remarkable tools for freelancers, SME or large scale companies alike. This platform could be the key to making an impact on your community and online followers in a big way and a sure shot way to success.
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Why We Love Education (And You Should, Too!)

Making a website with the audience in mind is important for many reasons. Intelligently done, it leads to conversion and profits.

A website that educates your customers, acts as a knowledge hub for your viewers and eventually instills loyalty is a total readers’ delight. The basic principles or pillars of a successful website that is user friendly and never fails to generate leads is the one that is able to educate, innovate and communicate.

Educating your readers about your brand is the foundation of any successful inbound marketing strategy. Unless the viewer is made aware of the products and services that he has access to, a sale cannot happen. Not only does he want to be told about what all he gets but also what offers await him if he chooses to purchase or subscribe within a specified time period. A complete knowledge hub is to be created by the manufacturer in order to ensure that the consumer can make an informed decision. A proper research is in order to assess the particular demands and expectations of the audience and an analytical study should be conducted to deliver the right information every time.

For instance the landing page of your website that leads to the product features should also have a link that leads to the relevant data, recommendations and directions aimed at solving any problems being encountered by the clients.

Another way to educate your readers is the intelligent linking of the FAQ section to the product pages. Innovation is the step that makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd and a establish loyalty to your brands among your viewers. This is the one aspect that if worked on correctly can make you an undisputed leader among the competition. Innovation is not only important when coming up with new and enhanced products for your consumers but also when delivering quality after sales services and support. Being competent is what every organization wants and its own set of capabilities determines that. The level of innovation therefore is a direct result of how we make the most of our core competencies.

Strategic objectives of your business are also an important part of innovation; therefore play an integral role in driving you to innovate. Communication can be done using colors, logos, page title, icons, layouts, design, audios, videos and images and ease of contact page and much more than meets the eye. The idea here is to convey your message across the channels at hand. With effective and clear communication any website can establish a direct connection with their audience thus facilitating conversion function. All their marketing qualified leads can easily be converted into sales qualified leads and the call to action page serves its purpose every time.

This calls for a user friendly interface that makes getting in touch with the representatives glitch free and the potential consumer becomes a loyal and returning client in a matter of minutes.

Therefore the main goal of any website is not only to educate people but also solve their queries and problems relating to the products and services by providing them useful knowledge and overall a happy internet experience.
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Key to a successful inbound marketing strategy

Internet promotions are bigger than what they used to be a few years back and no one is untouched by them. The rising use of internet and social media and its impact have made online marketing a lucrative route to maximum exposure and better growth opportunities for any business.

However, if you ask about the key to a successful inbound marketing strategy; everybody is looking for that but only a handful few have been able to find it. But be informed that there is no one hard and fast rule to inbound marketing rather a few strategic steps that if followed can give favorable results for your brand.

SEO (search engine optimization) is exactly what the name suggests. It is a process focused at optimizing your website and its contents. You get ranked high among search results and each of those results is organic in nature. Yes, having high quality and relevant content ensures that the leading search engines are able to identify and index your website for people who are searching for the desired products or services. SEO without a doubt forms a critical part of your inbound marketing strategy. You need to be found before you can function.

Paying per click, yes PPC in short, is a sure shot methodology to being visible in the search results. Being organic may not be feasible for everyone as they might argue that the results page is under the influence of more frequently updated and relevant websites therefore outside their control. Organic visibility is prone to even any minor tweaks and changes in algorithms. With paid ads one can rest assured that they have secured a spot among the top search results irrespective of any such determinants that affect organic searches. Both, SEO and PPC are here to increase your return on investment by converting your marketing qualified leads into sales leads.

Content Marketing is where you need to reign in with all the relevant and fresh information. This is a critical step of your online marketing campaign and probably the deciding step as well. Without any fresh and useful content the possibility that you will convert your MQLs to SQLs is painfully minimal. Each of your content, article, blog or e-book should function to help your viewers with their questions and solve each one of their problems. Not only should it be educational but also inspire action and keep them interested for as long as your brand exists.

Social Media is huge; it is bigger than ever and growing like a mushroom amidst a tropical forest brimming with spores. So yes, you’ve done great with the content and now you need to attract new and returning customers. Well, for now they are readers but by sharing and promoting the content of your web pages on social media you can ensure that it reaches relevant people and maximizes conversion. You can assess better this way what content resonates with your audience more and formulate effective social media promotion plan along the same lines.

Landing a great landing page is the first thing that your reader sees on your website. Your viewer is certain that he is going to make a purchase or subscribe but what is going to actually make the conversion happen is a long lasting impact delivered by an incredible design, ease of use and above all, focus on the product. The relevance only counts if the page is all about the transaction that is about to occur. Without it there is no way to make a sale.

All these steps also make sure that all the requirements of your sales service level agreements are fulfilled thus facilitating easy and timely conversion of MQLs to SQLs. All your organizational objectives can be achieved effectively and efficiently and will match up to the metrics previously set up by your planning team. After all a metric is just a number, but what you have is the key to a successful inbound marketing strategy. Applying one and not the other won’t be the worst thing but will certainly not yield results.
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Here we go! 24 most essential insights about innovation. I put 25. Innovation is just a word. Make it happen is a challenge. What you think?
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Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: Did he have passion?. Passion is my life!! Cheers :)
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