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Help name my co-worker Jason's baby AND help contribute to polio vaccinations for children!

Their first baby, also named by the internet, is now a pretty awesome kid, so you definitely want to get in on a little piece of this next one's history while you can. ;)
Please vote on a name for my baby

My wife and I have a baby on the way and we are asking the Internet to vote on a name.  We (along with some other very generous Googlers) have pledged to donate $1 to Save the Children for every vote.  Just by voting, you are proving one complete polio vaccination course for a child in need. 

Now I need your help - please vote!  You can find the form here:

And read more about it here:

I normally don't end posts by saying "please reshare", but in this case, please reshare this post.  The more votes we get, the more children get vaccinated, and the more data we get for choosing the best possible name for our new kid.
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I only know them through other peoples' reshares, but their kid says the darnedest things.

Sandra Emerson

Pictures of Games  - 
I have managed now to win the iOS Ghost Stories app on the lowest difficulty a grand total of three times.  That is out of many more than 3 attempts.  :P

The frustrating thing is I don't think it has to do with strategy, but has a lot more to do with luck. Each win was under different board conditions and even using different taoist special abilities.  So.... waht.

Do the game makers just not realize this game is ridiculously unbalanced?  I'm kind of shocked there hasn't been any effort to tweak the difficulty levels, especially considering you can push updates to iOS apps.
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+Cory Cubbage So what's the strategy?  Share with the class ;)
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Sandra Emerson

Discussion  - 
What is the best place to buy sleeves for cards that come with my games?  Opinions based on both cheapness and quality are welcome. Also, is it hard to find the right sizes for various games' cards?

Also, for reference, I have a good number of games, so bulk is probably fine.
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I would have to agree with others here: Mayday is the way to go. Prices are good, and the sleeve quality is decent.
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Sandra Emerson

Questions & Answers  - 
Does anyone know a good way to get a lot of one pattern of large (15cm is tolerable but bigger would be best) chiyogami/yuzen nicely patterned paper/washi?

So far everything I have found is very multi-patterned packs which don't accomplish what I want without a lot extra.

Gold accents appreciate. :)
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Thanks!  :)
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Sandra Emerson

Board Games  - 
My fiance can attest to the fact that I quite literally laughed out loud many times while reading this.  Thought you guys would enjoy. =D
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This is very creepy. 
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Sandra Emerson

Pictures of Games  - 
The end of a recent Castle Panic game.  We figured we'd just let that Goblin kill itself on the wall.  ;)
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Haha, so many games come down to the wire.. very intense
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