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Sandra Creason
Mom, freelance artist and writer
Mom, freelance artist and writer

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When It Rains
Hello Monday, you whore. I just found out that my 12 year old, who uses my Google+ account on her tablet, has completely taken it over. I'm now the proud owner of a Transformers avatar and a string of followers right around her age who think I make snarky c...

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10 Simple Ways to Survive a Horror Movie
Does anyone remember Mystery Science Theater?  It was basically this old show where a group of guys watched really bad movies and commented and captioned the movie as it was playing.  So basically what all of us do with our friends when we're sitting at som...

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Well, That Escalated Quickly
Believe it or not, I've actually been writing a lot lately.  A lot. I haven't posted anything consistent in a while, because I've also been drowning in feels for some ungodly reason. I think that burrito I ate last - wait, nope.  What - shit, that's an emot...

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Arachnaphobia and Other Southern Pestulence
GUYS. I'm not really afraid of spiders.  I
think they're cool little dudes and I'm totally fine with peacefully coexisting
with them so long as they respect boundaries and keep their creepy crawly
little asses outside.  Or well-hidden deep in the crevices o...

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Catcalls, Compliments, and Outright Hypocrisy
So I've been seeing a lot of conversations about gender roles lately, specifically the objectification of women and how catcalls are absolutely not compliments . As a woman, specifically as one who has dealt with her fair share of harassment, awkward flirti...

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Periods - A Comprehensive Guide for Men
Ah, Aunt Flo.  The Crimson Wave.  For the love of God, don't look her directly in the eyes. Don't run away crying just yet, gentlemen - I know, periods are scary and the women who have them scarier - but never fear, just like any other demon, this one can b...

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Absolutely Ridiculous and I Must Have It
Some days, I feel like some lone weirdo walking in the world, lost in my own insanity and bound by the constraints of socially acceptable (read:  not weird and/or insulting) behavior. But then, sometimes, I come across something that gives me hope.  Some li...

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Cynicism and Insomnia
I just want to point out that you know you've reached the milestone of actual adulthood when a new appliance excites you.  Specifically, a new washer, since my last one decided it didn't want to drain and spin anymore but would act like it was still going t...

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All the Things I Never Told You
Life is weird.  Humaning is hard.  Relationships are - well, we make relationships far more complicated than they have to be.  Not just romantic ones, either - all relationships. I challenge you to think  back to when you were a child.  When it was totally ...

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Facebook Releases New Emojis...
Oh, Facebook. For a while now, we've all lamented the fact that there was only a "like" button on Facebook, which often times was just used as a way to acknowledge the existence of a post so our friends didn't get all butthurt that their life-altering musin...
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