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Sandra Chung
I'm a software and data engineer now. But there's a little science and a little journalism in everything I do.
I'm a software and data engineer now. But there's a little science and a little journalism in everything I do.

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Just popped in on the end of this and it was delightful. I hope the chat video is archived and shared.
Bringing more diversity to the outdoors is essential to preserving our natural heritage for future generations. Join Sierra Club President +Allison Chin for a Google+ Hangout on how the environmental movement needs diversity and why the Sierra Club’s motto -- “explore, enjoy, and protect” -- appeals to communities of all background.

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Open source tricorder project. Yep, this one's for the Google+ crowd ...

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Hmm. I wonder what makes a video 'active' (not passive)?
Most science videos are passive and often don't improve knowledge
Derek Muller discovered why: +Veritasium Films

1. Students think they know it
2. They don't pay utmost attention
3. They don't recognize that what is presented differs from what they were already thinking
4. They don't learn a thing.
5. They get more confident in ideas they were thinking before.

Khan Academy and the Effectiveness of Science Videos!

His website discussing this:

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Oil vs. education: "When you don't have resources, you become resourceful."

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Using statistics to uncover human rights violations. via +Ben Goldacre. "Traditionally, human rights work has been more akin to investigative reporting, but Ball is the most influential of a handful of people around the world who see that world not in terms of words, but of figures. His specialty is applying quantitative analysis to mountains of anecdotes, finding the correlations that coax out a story that cannot easily be dismissed."

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In case you habitually leave yourself logged into Google apps like I do ...

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People with dementia become emotionally and physically difficult to care for; their own family members and partners are often not equipped to deal with the sometimes violent, often depressing changes that occur in the behavior of a loved one. Here is an amazing, scary and deeply moving story about people convicted of terrible, violent crimes finding compassion in themselves while caring for their demented fellow prisoners.

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Holy cow. "In one year, women dropped from 20 percent of behind-the-scenes entertainment television roles to just 4 percent. Worldwide, women are the subjects of 24 percent of news stories. Just 21 percent of Sunday morning television commentators are women. Only a third of speaking characters in films are female (and about a quarter of them are dressed sexily). Women direct 5 percent of films. And it's not for lack of talent or enthusiasm: Women make up 73 percent of journalism and mass communication graduates."

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This reminds me of the time I took some summer school girls on a hike in upstate New York. Me: This is wood sorrel, it has a lemony taste. And these are wild blackberries. Girl from the Bronx: You can eat plants???

Please send this to every environmental educator you know.

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"New research suggests that your own ability to get things done—not to mention your success in non-work relationships—is highly correlated with how you see others. Are your coworkers capable and kind, or are they, dare I say, incompetent jerks?" "So keep in mind that you may, in fact, be the author of your own misery."
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