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To good not to share
The good folks over at A Still World just posted a feature on my specific Minimalism Study series.  This pleases me greatly because it's a favorite project of mine, one that I have found most people have paid very little attention to.  I humbly invite you to visit-- and, as always, less because of my work and more because of the other fine interviews and work from other photographers.  Please accept my apologies for posting this ego-centered post ...
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+Nathan Wirth Dearest, thank you for checking-in!! I have missed you and everyone's work. Hoping to play catch-up this weekend. Yes, I have to get back on track with some new work. Coming soon. I promise. Still trying to get some things together worthy of what we were discussing by email ;-)
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This is a great wrap-up if you have not seen it. +Olivier Du Tré I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your feedback & inclusion in the wrap-up. You have one of the most inspiring and high quality themes, so it is such an honor to be counted among such amazing photographers. I have no background in film, so your critique had me on cloud nine. Many thanks!
Minimal Monday Wrap up no 113

What a superb week yet again this week. It took me a little longer to come up with the wrap up this week. Call it what you want. But I was a bit busy. ;) I'm not saying I was productive. Just busy doing other things. Preparing for a workshop. Reviewing my notes on the portfolio review. Letting it all sink in. Amongst other stuff.

Let me start this week by thanking you all again for your continued support. Not only on the theme and spreading the word but on what I do as well. I can tell you that it means a lot.

This week's Fav of the Day award goes to +Šárka Svobodová for this killer photograph. What a beautiful composition. Love the rhythm in this photograph. Love the connection between the poles and how the visually stipulate the path the eye must follow. Absolutely LOVE the sun, the atmosphere, the detail and the toning of this photograph. This might be one of the best photographs I've seen by you Šárka! There is so much feeling in this photograph.

+Nathan Wirth is a true master. I envy photographers that work in series. Because I can't do it. Or should I say I have a hard time doing it. I know by working in series, you are able to discover a subject in all it's glory. This is exactly what Nathan did with this series of rocks. Dude this is great stuff. Love the homogeneity of this series (I don't mean this in a bad way).
Maybe one slight remark if I may. The bottom left photograph's sky is slightly lighter then the rest and on my screen has a slight red tint to it (the mids on the gradient of the middle top photograph have a slight red feel to it as well). Don't know how or what it may have caused but it is different then the rest. But we are really picky here, because you are so good. :p

I'm excited to teach a workshop next weekend with +Marc Koegel in Calgary. This is such a beautiful photograph. Not only because it is made on Polaroid Type 55 'film' but because it is not perfect. Type 55 negatives are the famous source of the "Polaroid frame look" (aka the right hand side). Negatives are also quite thin and very sensitive to scratches and what not. I remember seeing some at school back in the day. Very cool looking stuff. Sadly with the bankruptcy of Polaroid, type 55 is no more. Tonalities in this photograph are great. Love the birds too. I'm still partial on the beams intersecting or touching the horizon line. It is my personal preference to avoid such things because it creates tension where it doesn't need tension.

+Frank Hoefs created this stunner this week! Beautiful and subtle detail in this one. This too has a film look to it. I'm guessing here. I like the composition although in our Western society it is considered as 'backwards' or 'negative'. I just downloaded the photograph and flipped it horizontally and that totally gave me a different, albeit more conventional 'positive' looking photograph (you should try it). None the less, execution of this work, is perfect.

+Sandra Canning created this STUNNING photograph. I saw it last week on Facebook and it blew me away. Again composition is spot on. Toning is very classic, almost selenium like. Looks like when you tone a Warmtone RC print in selenium. You get this rich chocolaty/purple colour just like in this photograph. AWESOME WORK Sandra!

How do you mean +Chris Soukup when you say 'not be considered as one of my best images, for reasons yet to be determined it's a personal favorite'?! Are you out of your mind?! There's balance, detail, tonality. There's personal expression in it. And you photograph a nice couple of rocks here my friend. The sky is beyond gorgeous. The detail and the rendition of these rocks are phenomenal. Don't play this double square down man. This is good stuff!

SO many more people I want to mention this week. But these were the show stoppers for me. A big thank you to +Stefan Bäurle , +Russ Bishop , +pi mo , +Lito Naoe and +Misha Gregory Macaw for adding your work and making my initial selection.

See you all next week friends!
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I truly loved the image you contributed, +Sandra Canning! 
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This is a PIpe
This is not a pipe you smoke. This is a 30-foot drain pipe laying on Boynton Beach. Wishing you an out of this world day! 

Your Music

D7000, f/8, 54.6 sec., 18mm
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ooo! mysterious! really stunning!
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I am downloading now!!!
A while back I was contacted by Craft and Vision to answer some interview questions and share a few images for a spotlight on my work in their quarterly magazine.  I mention this not because I am featured in their latest issue but more so because I really believe in their approach to cultivating creativity, to exploring possibilities and finding your own approach to your work.  I highly recommend visiting their site and looking at what they have to offer ... and, if interested, you might purchase the latest issue of Photograph ...
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Isn't she good looking ???
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Always awesome! Enjoy!
Minimal Monday Wrap Up 116

Good week for MinimalMonday again this week. It all started on a high note on Saturday, when enthusiastic +Kevin Boyle  posted the first photograph of the week. He set the bar very high for everyone with his photograph 'Bullies'. A photograph I instinctively liked. Without hesitating I give him my Fav of the Day award this week. It is a well-composed and balanced photograph that is executed to perfection. I have just the spot in mind to showcase this 24x24" print. That is in my bonus room. :D All kidding aside. It reminds me of a Michael Kenna photograph (Six Sticks, Omi, Honshu, Japan, 2003) that I've always liked.

'Tree among Sweeping Hills' is killer +Stefan Bäurle.  Great composition. Talk about dynamic symmetry! This gets me excited. If you look at the left square of this photograph the tree is in the middle of that square (vertically speaking). There is so much more going on so I drew a diagram to explain.
This is composition my friends! Look at where the horizon falls. Look at where the top of the tree falls, the top of the hill. I hope this was not an accident. Study Composition! It pays off in the end.

+Didier Demaret  knocked it out of the ballpark too this week with this photograph. Compared to the previous wreck Didier shared in an earlier edition of the MM wrap up, this one is even more simple then the previous one. And this one is at the same time also more mysterious. Reminds me of a slain dragon. Well done!

+Šárka Svobodová  submitted a stunning photograph (yet again). This too is very Kenna-ish and shows an intimate relationship with what is photographed. The combination of wind breaker fence and crooked tree work very well. Great toning too!

And to end this weeks wrap up I’d like to share +Alexander S. Kunz  photograph ‘Remembering Atlantis’.  Beautiful! Muted colours and a soft processing hand combined with good composition grace this photograph very  well.

Have a great week my friends. See you next Monday for another edition of #minimalmonday  
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Thank you +Sandra Canning
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This looks so awesome I wish I could go.

I had the pleasure of meeting +Marc Koegel for the NYC Photowalk and he is such a great instructor. I hope to participate in one of these in the future.
Fine-Art Minimalist and Winter Photography Workshop - March 8 + 9

Very excited for this workshop with +Olivier Du Tré , coming up in a few short weeks!

This going to be a very exclusive and unique 2 day winter workshop held in Calgary.

Really looking forward to teaching this together with +Olivier Du Tré 

Hope to see you all there!

For all details and online registrations, see this link:
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This looks beyond amazing. Wow! I may have to indulge. So many artists I admire!!
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Part 3 of creating Selections - The Pen Tool
Part 3 of creating selections as part of my advanced and improved iSGM 2.0 B&W workflow that I will present at the NYC workshop in April 2014 ( is now online on my website. This time I demonstrate the power of the pen tool and also a sneak preview on an image I'm working on: The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. Shot with the 24mm T/S lens and the Formatt-Hitech IRND filter set, an image with incredible details:)
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Because I'm Worth It!!!

+Joel Tjintjelaar  I am really looking forward to receiving my copy. I must tell you that I am very frustrated with myself. I cannot seem to master your SGM technique in the way I want to. I am so stubborn though I won't stop trying. Thanks for everything you do make us all better!!
Video trailer Exploring vision video

One more week before the Exploring Vision video tutorial is there! And one more week left to take advantage of the 20% pre-sale discount. You can see the table of content and pre-order with a 20% discount till March 1, 2014 here:
Video created by +Armand Dijcks 
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+Joel Tjintjelaar Not a L'Oreal commercial? That's strange because I am having an especially good hair day ;-) I should do a selfie (hahaha). Just kidding. Seriously, I am really going to put in some effort this go 'round.
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Fine Art Photography
Basic Information
Wishing you always good luck and good light!
This is the world as seen through the eyes of an unrepentant optimist. Welcome to my G+ page and thank you for visiting! My photography is inspired by spiritual themes like gratitude, love, and sharing the bountiful beauty of our world. I truly believe that when we touch beauty we commune with the divine. That is the purpose of my work - to share the evidence of God's love for us by capturing His "Beautiful Whirled". 

I grew up on a tiny island in the Caribbean, St. Thomas USVI. I have traveled all over the world & I am living in South Florida at present.

My images make unique gifts and are perfect for wall decor or wall art. This is all original art and some of the lighthouses and bridges (for example) are perfect for inspirational gifts. For purchase go to 
Bragging rights
5 Honorable Mentions for 2012 & 2013 International Photography Awards annual competition (IPA) and Invited to the 61st Annual All Florida Art Competition
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