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Sandip Kumar
Robotics, Love : Tech News, Google's work, Cricket and Movies
Robotics, Love : Tech News, Google's work, Cricket and Movies
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Hello,every one,I’m Vic Zhou, CEO of inMotion, I am pleased to introduce the project we are currently doing at Indiegogo: Navipack - a LiDAR with integrated SLAM algorithm module.Web links:

Here are some amazing features...
SLAM Module Built-in
Automatic modeling
route plan
Real-time positioning and navigation
Automatic obstacle avoidance
360 Degree Scanning & Up to 15 meters

For more advanced uses and the option to build a working robotic device immediately, We also offer a NaviKit ,includes powerful NaviCamera and Navipanel.NaviCamera is a 3D TOF camera , which can measure object depth within 7m.It can be used to detect higher obstructions in the environment which 2D lidar can’t see. The Navipanel is a wheeled robotic platform with a load capacity of up to 30 kg. It has five ultrasonic sensors and four geodetic sensors. NaviKit can make it easier for developers to create a more perfect work.

Our program has been officially launched in Indiegogo and look forward to receiving your support.Indiegogo Web links:

If you are interested or have any questions to ask me, please E-mail me: I will answer any questions.

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Watched the documentary (1.5 hrs long) on google play (free)

Global warming/ climate change is real and implications will start becoming visible in ~20-30 years.. i.e., within our lifetime.

What can we do, our habits of eating, living can be improved.. learn from the experts.

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Judge self driving cars...

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Have people tried ROS with MATLAB/ Simulink
16 votes
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Yes with MATLAB
Yes with Simulink
Yes with both

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AI experiments with Google
The title of website is self-explanatory, check it out for yourselves.

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{Live Webinar} We’re looking at the challenges currently faced in #IoT today →

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To celebrate how #Ubuntu has been powering smart #IoT we’ve built dedicated vertical pages. And we have a new addition to the list - Edge Gateway! It covers industrial IoT, building automation, transportation and healthcare. Learn more -->

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A pyramid scheme to alert people that multilevel marketing schemes are pyramid schemes, from John Oliver.

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Loved the Halloween game
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