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Sand In My Toes
Of parenting, Dubai, and life's many adventures...
Of parenting, Dubai, and life's many adventures...

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A day of outdoor fun at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai
Winter in Dubai is something we all look forward to, because we can spend more time outdoors. The Ritz-Carlton Dubai is a place we have come to love for its green gardens, relaxing pools, and an inviting beach side. We visited them again recently to check o...

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Tips for decluttering your family home
If you have young kids, I wouldn't blame you for having a house that looks like a war zone! Toys scattered everywhere, stained clothes on the floor, unidentified puddles on the floor - they're all part and parcel of raising children. But don't lose hope! Wi...

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How to Sleep Train Yourself as a Parent!
I could never reconcile with the concept of sleep training. I make no secret of the fact that it doesn't sit well with me. Putting 'training' and 'baby' in the same sentence seems wrong to me in more ways than one. And before you say it, yes I understand th...

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Creative play at Cloud 7, Level Kids
There's no shortage of places to take your kids out in Dubai to burn off their abundant energy. But sometimes, it's good to use the creative side of the brain too, and fewer places offer that kind of experience. We checked out Cloud 7 at LevelKids in Citywa...

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Adventures in Adventureland!
Isn't it wonderful when you come upon something that was right under your nose but you didn't explore? We had the same thoughts when we discovered Adventureland in Sahara Center, Sharjah . We stay not too far from Sharjah so getting there isn't a hassle, an...

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The Best of 2016 on Sand In My Toes
2016 was a busy year for me, personally. What with a baby on the way, new school for Little Dude, and a house move, I couldn't write as much as I would have liked to. And then, of course, Baby No. 2 arrived (shall we call him Little Guy?). 2017 is a new beg...

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Helping your toddler adjust to a new baby
Having a baby the first time is daunting enough. It only becomes more challenging with subsequent pregnancies. From personal experience, I can say that I felt more exhausted than ever the second time because, in addition to pregnancy fatigue, I had a young ...

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Trendy kids' fashion on!
When you're a busy mom of two little ones, online shopping is a godsend! But it can also be limiting, when you only have so many brands you can choose from. I changed my opinion when I came across . I was so impressed by the range of design...

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Ten things your 5-year old wants to tell you
My darling son turned five this year. I looked forward to celebrating his birthday with as much aplomb as we did his first. In my mind, turning five is a milestone of sorts. It's the growing up that we often speak about in bittersweet tones. It's when your ...

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Busy Hands: Christmas Tree Ornament
Christmas always does bring out the creativity in our home! We loved making our Christmas Tree Hanging and the Pom Pom Painted Christmas Tree . I guess we love our Christmas trees, so here's another craft idea you can do with your kids this festive season. ...
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