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Nominate your favorite children's picture book for the Georgia Book Awards!
 2018 Winners Nominate a favorite book for next year's awards!!  List of past winners and nominees. 2017-2018 Top Children's Picture Books in Georgia This conference is having a 50th birthday next year and the Book Awards website is getting a makeover- here...
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I recently rediscovered Tumblr as a curation platform for library news and ideas. I’ve had an account for many years, but in the past I only used it for reblogging funny gifs, recipes, and quotes—nothing too serious. This class, however, inspired me to use Tumblr as a more professional platform. I discovered the ‘tumblarian’ tag, a tag used by librarians on Tumblr. From there, I followed several blogs that looked interesting and I’m finding more every day. My Tumblr dashboard is now filled with library related news, program and display ideas, book reviews, etc. Additionally, I tracked the ‘tumblarian’ tag so that I get a notification whenever there’s a new post (I don’t get an email or anything, that would be crazy. It’s just a notification on my Tumblr dashboard).

One of my favorite curators is thelibrarybug ( Her blog is full of important library news, like the White House’s recent proposal to eliminate federal library funding, but also contains funny library related memes and book display ideas. The news she shares ranges from tech innovation to library advocacy—stressing that both are important to any information professional. Her posts are reblogs from other sources as well as original posts she created herself. These original posts usually include details of her personal experience as a librarian, which is really helpful for me. She even answers questions from followers about library school or general library concerns.

Seeing her posts about her personal experience helps me to visualize a realistic picture of what my career as a teen librarian or media specialist will be like. I’ll likely be spending off the clock hours preparing program props while also answering technology related questions on the job every day.

I’ll definitely continue to follow this curator. This class (this week especially) has taught me that curation is part of our careers as librarians. In an ever-evolving field, we have to stay current so that we can provide the best services to our users.
What Do Librarians Do?
What Do Librarians Do?
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