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Caring for Your Mental Health

Among the many facets of health, our mental health is oftentimes the most neglected. That is because it is something we cannot easily see or identify. Nevertheless, caring for our mental health is and should be a priority. Here are some ways you can start paying attention to your mental health.

Eat right
Our diet is responsible for providing our body the nutrients it needs. That includes our brain. That is why eating right is important.

Be active
An active body means an active mind. Physical activities help our bodies in many ways, including mentally. It also aids in sleeping habits, boosting energy, etc.

Avoid vices
Vices such as smoking and drinking are contributory to poor mental health. Although people often go to alcohol to feel better, it is only a temporary solution that often does more bad than good later on.

Interacting with others is helpful in maintaining a healthy mental state. Talking and expressing your feelings with peers are also vital.

Mental Health is a serious matter that needs awareness, especially at home. Make sure the family is healthy with our help here at Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. We offer various services that are geared towards helping teens and families overcome problems with mental health and substance abuse. For more information, visit our site at 

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Let Us Help You Win Your Battles

Every battle is just another opportunity to win and overcome. And you can do so with our help! Visit for inquiries.


We’re Just a Phone Call Away

Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. is here to help you out. We will do the best we can to find the deeper problems of the emotions you are experiencing. You call us through any of our contact numbers located at the bottom of our official site, A consult with us is just a phone call away.

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The Risk of Substance Abuse for Teens

Substance Abuse does not just manifest itself at random or without cause. There are multiple risk factors that make people, especially teens, become more prone to substance abuse. The more risk factors they are exposed to, the higher chance there is that substance abuse will occur. Here are some factors to know about:

Parental Presence and Home Environment
Parents are the number one influencer of teens and adolescents. Being too strict or too neglectful can be contributory factors for teens becoming more prone to substance abuse. Parental presence, nurturing home environment, and familial support are ideal in order to avoid such outcomes.

Biology or Family History
Other teens become more easily prone to substance abuse because of genetics and/or family history. It could be that they simply have different tolerance and dependence levels towards various substances due to biological factors.

Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. offers various programs to help teens and their families experiencing substance abuse problems. We incorporate our care into the lives of each teen the best we can. Find out more about our services and how we can help by visiting our site at

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Education for Teens

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

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Prevention is Better than Cure

Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc. encourages families and communities to engage in preventative measures. We do this by conducting educational activities and awareness campaigns about various topics such as abuse of alcohol and drugs, behavioral health, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Visit our site at to learn more about this.

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The Role of the Family

Families are considered as the first unit of society. Our families shape and mold us for the future depending on how they raise us. In all cases, the impact of family life and home environment is enormous to each one’s life. Today, we will discuss just what roles the family can play in our lives.

Our family, most especially our parents, are considered as our first teachers. What our children see at home, they follow and do out into the world. That is why as parents, you must cultivate certain values, at home and nurture the family.

The family is considered as the first and foremost supporter. It is expected that for any venture or struggle that the family would be there. That in itself is an important factor. Especially for teens, having the support of the family can greatly affect their actions and choices.

Here, at Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc., we focus our care on helping families as they go through problems at home. We include the help of the family as a part of our care by educating them. We offer various services including Family Programs. To learn more about how we can help, visit our site at 

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We’ve Got Your Ride Covered!

We offer Transportation to assist parents in sending their children to and from our agency. Ease and convenience are included in our care.


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Let Us Work Together

The involvement of the family can contribute greatly to the success of the treatment. That is why here at Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc., we make sure to work together with the family as a whole. With our Family Program, we aim to foster a supportive family system for treatment. And we do so with utmost care because we understand just how critical the family’s involvement is.


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Different Triggers That Cause Addiction Relapse

1. Feeling guilty and ashamed.
2. Emotional problems.
3. Poor coping to stress.
4. Influence from certain people.
5. Memories associated with events.

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