This is a free online course based on guided self-instruction and collaboration. The primarily means of communication will be Google+ and Youtube, maybe hangouts. There are no prerequisites, there is no experience necessary (although it helps), there are no tests, there is no set timeline. What you get out depends on what you put in.

You must be a real person. You must have a Google+ account. You must have a genuine interest or desire.

To pass this course, you will either find a freelance job/project as a programmer and earn a fee/wage, or you will create your own web application that produces a profit for yourself.

In order to apply, your first step is to send a non-public Google+ post to this page introducing yourself. You must include your timezone and availability.

You must also circle this page.

There is a limited number of people that can initially be accepted as this is a new endeavor and one that seeks to try out new methods of collaborate unstructured learning.

This course will introduce you to cloud computing (on both Google and Amazon), use of basic UNIX on Linux, and various programming or scripting languages like python, Erlang, javascript, and HTML5.

This is intended for people with little or no experience looking for a new career as a programmer.

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