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How the junk food industry won the war against children.

Wow, Reuters has published a scathing account of how the junk food industry bought the US government and defeated just about every initiative proposed to save children from the life-wrecking effects of their disease-causing products.

This is a must-read column for anyone curious about how our corrupt government fails America's children.
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The junk food industry must benefit from shorter lifespans.
Money is more important than children.
The White House did falter in their leadership of this cause.

But let's not also forget that the parents need to take responsibility, too, for what their children are eating. We need political leadership to make the parents' jobs easier in this regard, for sure, but ultimately, it's the parents who are bringing their kids to the fast-food places, or who buy highly processed pre-made dinners for their children.
Perhaps +Billy Hung but what kind of society lets such harm come to its most innocent and most vulnerable for profits?
+Chris Kelsey

Probably the same that lets about 15% of the entire population go without consistent access to healthcare?

But flippancy aside, my point is not that I oppose more regulations on food items, particularly the ones for children. I am pointing out that while government needs to step up to its role, so too, do parents need to start taking more responsibilities for their children's eating habits. More parents need to start reading ingredient lists and demanding food producers offer healthier products. The government alone cannot solve this problem.
I could not agree with you more +Billy Hung. I agree that parents need to do more for their children eating healthy foods. I get frustrated though, because I could not hit my kids in the head with a hammer, nor should I be able to do that. But somehow, because it makes people rich, I CAN feed my children foods that will make them ill, but because it makes people rich, it is ok.
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