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Sander Maijers
Leader of Structure, IT Engineer
Leader of Structure, IT Engineer

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Very useful SSH implementation interoperability charts.

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Enjoyable read for those interested in converting C to Rust

Mozilla has an interest in finding better ways for people to build software, whether that's through better programming tools like Rust, or more effective ways of organizing an open-source community.

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How web frontend frameworks turn bloated and complex. Example: Zurb Foundation.

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Writing innocent looking C code, doing something malicious
“One problem with NaN poisoning is that many coders are cautious about dividing by zero; to a C programmer, looking at a floating-point division without a zero-check is a bit like watching a toddler playing with a steak knife.” (

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An example of good software documentation in my view.

- simple explanations,
- overview -- not detail -- oriented,
- pointers to reference documentation,
- modern (compact) design and layout,
- etc.

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Great effort, hopefully I'll find time ...

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The funniest spelling error of the week:

> Enterprice
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