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"bGlide brings a smile to 135 parent-less children by arranging a tour."

If you are a parent, you could understand how happy is our child by visiting a tourist place.
We are also very happy to travel with our kids always.

But what about parent-less children? Who will get them visited?

Starting with this thought, we helped 135 parent-less children to visit Haridwar-Rishikesh from 14th Nov 2015 to 20th Nov 2015 by sponsoring full tour to Dayanand Bal Sadan, Ajmer.

We are much more happy to see a joy on our 135 friends. They might be parent less but not guardian less.
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Great..!! we can change our sociaty doing like this. Really its too inspirational work. We proud to our company who provided a great help to little and innocent children. Awesome step of bGlide :) I am sure it will be really helpful to our country. I hope one step will be change in thousand of steps, because we all love our India :)
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