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Thanks sir.. you are best gift for youth generation ...sir, would you like to share your email id with me? I want to talk with you. is my email id
Thanks sir, your videos not only ignite the student's mind but also inspire from within
sir i have question that you say the


KNOW YOURSELF but after this what

will be the purpose?

Whenever I see my favorite singer studies out of my mind, and I feel that my life is very boring. And also want to be a singer, but i know I'm not do this. I request you to upload a video of you on this topic.

Sir, I am currently in the 2nd year of B. Tech. I have always had a creative mindset in my schools. I have developed various creative projects. But now I am losing my creativity because of this college life. I don't want to continue with what I am doing now. I want to be something else. I am just a waste here as I am not able to do anything productive because I don't love what I am doing. And my parents don't want me to quit engineering. I don't know what to do. I just think that I would end up as another mediocre person unable to do something remarkable. If possible, sir, please address my problem. What can I do? I hope you somehow have a look at this. Please sir. I reallu need your help. I am just wasting my time here.
Thanks +Sandeep Maheshwari
Sir how can I ask a question from you
I have a good question 
man mor
Sir i have 1 question from u how can i connect plz tell 
Sir can i plz talk to you it is very urgent plz answer my question and i really want help from you 

Bde bhai pagal sa ho gya hu sirf ek bar bat karna chahta hu
Satbir kumar h naam mera
Mail id h satvirsingh1996@gmail
Sir I want to attain your seminar live sir please inform me sir please please please
sir i want you to make a video for students who are staying in hostel where you are restricted from every thing like all gadgtes even we are not allowed to contact our parents though cellphones as they are not at all allowed in hostel not even an mp3 music player just to relax and we have to study from morning 7 to nigth 10 o colck without any relaxation am a student of intermediate from narayana junior 
Thank u sir
That's really amazing
Really m a big fan of yours
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