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main jo sochti hun jiski mujhe jrurat hai vo apke video mein mil jati hai. Thank You So much. apne mujhe jina sikhaya.

Really sir you are god because all student makes life. (Thank you sir)
I did a work in some previous day. I am unable to think that I was right or wrong. what is your advise to make this work right
What if we don't have any achievements 
I want ear plug sir.I search everywhere,but I didn't find.
It's Utkarsha Mendhe form Nagpur.
I'm the student of Dbacer collage..
We organize an event in our college..
And I'm vp of that departments..
Can u plz come in Nagpur and motivate our collage student..
Waiting for your reply..
Positives reply..
Why don't u have seminar for love relationship.coz in this time all youth r attracted by this way ..
And West their time money..
How to manage,control nd chose 
Hello sir,
I already registered myself for live seminar. And I am able to attend it in delhi so please send me soon info about seminar.
ge sir my name is sushma verma. I wnat to contact you ..i mean how can i approach you regarding my problems or how can i msg or email you.

Hello sir it's sumit actually I don't have any problem with my life and all jst sometime comes in which we are getting confuse by see it's negative points specially if it is of career after engg
+Sanj Sharma start working on your goals you will definitely get achievements...reward yourself for that achievements...
+Sanjana Goyal SG thank u ma'am for your suggestion..
Ma'am I am preparing for iit nd unfortunately I not able score gud marks in my tests so I m very disappointed
Thanks sir for your sessions I am very much inspired by your sessions 
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