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Ohhhh this is too good sir
Mujhe life ko chalana achi tarah se aati hain.... So, i love my life.
Sir how to get rid of obsession.. I m fully obsessed with someone who is no more alive..he passed away in 2009.. I love him so much and i just can't stop crying.. 
.plZZ DO upload a video on overcoming stammering
+Xscape World dear I can understand...meri problem bhi lagbhag same h bs obsessed jisse thi he is still alive 😂 anyway u have to move on ...dekhna koi aisa mil jata h jiski khushi k liye tm es obsession ko bhi apne se dur kar do...tb tak try to make urself feel good...he is on his way...soon u will be no more obsessed... Tc
hello sir can you please make session in Bangalore
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