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Your all videos make Me strong Thank you Mr. Maheshwari
Sir u must organise more sessions for this age group.....bcz they are future of world.....they don't have filter of their beliefs....
Excuse me sir +Sandeep Maheshwari i too have some points to share...i don't know they are right or not..
1. Don't think you can't do can do just need trust and confidence on yourself....
2. Never think you're alone in this world... God is always with you
3. Make your parents always your first priority...
4. Do good. Be good. Things will happen good to you.
5. Humanity is a best relationship than any other relations in world....
As i have some more....but i can't share here all... If you read our comments +Sandeep Maheshwari please reply and tell me as these are right or not...
thank you very much sir for sharing your videos...
i am sooo much inspired...
thnkx a lot sir
Sir, i have learned from you that stay present , be confidential , you must have a learning attitude , happily give 100% and Asssannnnnn Hain☺✌✌☺✌✌☺
+Sanjana Goyal SG it doesn't matter for me that is sir reading our comments or not. I think sir giving us his 100%..if we are want to take then we can.
U r the best inspiration of my life sir... Hats off to u..
#aasan hai✌
great inspiration for youth..!! i salute u sir :)

Sir i want to ask something from u.
How can I ask 
You changed my life. Thnq so much. Kuch problems thi life me.. unko handle kaise kru.. samajh nhi aaya jb tak apke videos nhi dekhi
#sandeep maheshwari.. sir i have a doubt still. I need a suggestion. Guidence.. how can i contact you?
Thanks sir you are a universal gift for all of people
Sir should medical students do meditation? sir plz plz plz answer me this is very important for me.
Thanks sir for your most motivated thought
This video revealed the actual sandeep maheshwari....
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