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It is too good sir thank you
The video is awsome sir....
Thanx a lotttt for it..
hello sir can you please make session in Bangalore
Sir I want to contact do I?

Sir you are my role model.
You inspired me through your last life changing seminar. and i decide today that nothing is impossible everything is possible .and i will also share my views of my success in the future to the whole world.

Sir please make a session in Kanpur
I inspired fully
U r great
And my my real warrior prince

Please sir tell me that desire are goog or bad
Hello Sir.. I want change my pls can u help me ek love failure hu Aur my ap ne depression se bahar ana chahthe hu....
good morning sir, i m a big follower of your, i visit ur website regularly for update, today i got up at 7:30 am and check ur website - Sandeep Maheshwari and see ur next session of 14-jan-2017 details,i never watched ur live session and it is very enthusiastic for me to watch ur session live. i am trying to do registration from 7:32 am but registration column has some age group problem when i tried to submit it is showing "This session is meant for the age group of only". i have fillled my age group but yet it is showing this again and again. it should be some technical problem.

sir please solve it soon so i shall watch my ideal's session live,
thank you
I have problem...Aapse help chahiye thi..
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