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We are waiting a long time sir thanks
Dil khul kar dance woh kar sakta hain jiska dil har pal khusi se bhari huyi hote matter what situation is running ...every second is the happiest second for me..if you are this of type thinker than you can dance✌
Sir recently I had a fi8 with my parents regarding some mistake done by me
I feel that somewhere they were right and somewhere I was right
How to handle this situation?
Sir one request,as we are south Indian we Don't know much on Hindi so if your videos are dubbed in English it will be useful to many. please sir
Actually i was waiting to watch Sandeep Maheshwari's DANCE.....
Sandeep, my invite request for a solution to inequality in india and changing the mindset of the future generation towards their treatment to the poor in India is really coming from a true place and I really have something to share with you, please all I would to do is share the idea with you and if you agree and feel it right, you may share it or consider it. Thank you. I want to contact you about it, so I also tried posting it on your page on the share your experience page, so I hope your team shares it with you. In that I detail a short version of the solution. 
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