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Sandeep Patil
Software developer, Photographer and a Manchester United fan for life
Software developer, Photographer and a Manchester United fan for life

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After ages, I was scrolling through my   #gplus  stream today and I found this incredible portrait.

Read +Jacob James 's description on the original post about how this came about. 

Today was my first encounter with the beautiful Rabari tribe. They are an incredibly strong willed caste and the women are unlike anything I have ever encountered...they are seriously tough and scary. It's a good job I have Hardik the joker to try and help ease them into allowing me to photograph them. Even a few hours hanging around with the elder men still made no difference to the majority of them. Luckily I managed to get a few photographs of a few of the women but I am determined to spend some serious time working in the Rabari villages as the Rabari women's distinctive dress and jewellry is some of the most beautiful I have encountered in all my travels.

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Talk about being creative ...

Check this one out from +Lotus Carroll ... by far the best #photooftheweek in my stream !!
Because The Sky Is Blue

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The Grotto - Zion National Park

It's good to be back on google plus after a month long absense. I haven't had much time lately between weekend travel and my house move.

Anyways, suffice it to say, I like the new google plus, photos and all new updates iOS and android apps... (Yes, it has been THAT long)

This image below is from my 4 day photography spree at Zion National park with +Colby Brown , +Peyton Hale , +Josh Carlisle +Sergio Zanotti  to name a few. Although we didn't get to see a lot of sun during those 4 days but the landscape was fantastic and I couldn't have asked for a better group of photographers and professionals to shoot with.

I think it was this very same after noon when we were talking about being creative in photography and we discussed ICM (intentional camera movement). After that we headed out to the grotto area which was full of colors and I thought what better time and place to try the technique ..

So this one was shot hand held with a long shutter speed of around 10s (I think) and I moved the camera while the shutter was open...

I didn't do much in post except for RAW processing in LR and fixing the white balance to my taste.

#zionnationalpark   #CBZion12

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The New Flickr

FWIW, Yahoo has now re-designed / re-vamped flickr.

Although the new theme hasn't reached the obscured/ugly corners of the platform yet, it sure is better.

The photostream looks much much better (See : but all you have to do is head over to "Settings" page to expose the old and ugly interface again...

#newflickr #flickr #yahoo

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Gates of the Valley - Yosemite, CA

One of the most visited National Parks, Yosemite would always be at the top of my favorite national parks to photograph. Short drive from home works out in it's favor too :)

The park has such a huge diversity of locations to shoot that you can spend the whole day, use up all the memory cards you can carry and you will still have something to shoot.

This particular image is a single exposure with 3 stop ND grad filter, shot around sunset. I also ended up using a bit higher ISO to boost the shutterspeed so the flowing water doesn't disturb the reflection too much in the final image.

Post was done entirely in Lightroom and Photoshop using Luminosity masking techniques.

For +Mountain Monday curated by +Michael Russell #mountainmonday #mountainphotos  

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Happy Mother's Day

#mothersday #mothersday2013  

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Level 43 - Dubai, UAE

I ended my 2012 with a trip to India and on our way, we took a pit stop in Dubai where we caught up with a dear friend. For all my time in Dubai, we ended up at the roof top bar (Level 43) in our hotel every single night and stayed put until they closed for business. We were meeting this friend after 2 years, so I guess we all had a lot to talk (and drink) ;0)

We saw this fantastic view of Downtown Dubai every single day, so I decided to make sure I capture it before I leave, right when the Light Show is on Burj Khalifa.

Location : 25.213878333333,55.27607

#photospot curated by +ShutterGuides 
#InMotionThursday curated by +Scott Thomas and +InMotion Thursday 
#longexposurethursday  curated by +Le Quoc and +Francesco Gola 
#TravelThursday  curated by +Laura Mitchum 

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Color Explosion - Boston, MA

I went to New England to catch the famous foliage last year. Needless to say, I got skunked as it rained on the day i arrived and snowed the following one in New Hampshire.

I decided to stay in Boston on the third day. I realized that the best of New England fall colors at that time was right there in the city about a mile and half from where I was staying, in Boston Public Garden . People of Boston were also friendly and went about their business as I was lying on the ground, hugging the tree trying to adjust the frame for this image :) ..

Location : 42°21'14" N 71°3'57" W

Post :
Raw conversion in Lightroom and then  finished in photoshop to adjust for contrast and details using +Tony Kuyper 's actions for luminosity masking.

#photospots curated by +ShutterGuides
#TreeTuesday , +Tree Tuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie & +Shannon S. Myers

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Ellora - Cave 4

I have lived near this place for half of my life and I still can't believe I avoided this until last year. As I said before, when it comes to making iconic/epic images, its very easy to overlook places that are very close and easily accessible to you.

While I still think I could have done more and explored this place, I think I have enough images to give everyone an I dea about this world heritage site.

For more information do visit created by +Arno Klein .

#monochromemonday +Monochrome Monday 

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Lassen peak - Lassen NP

Re-posting this one for +Mountain Monday .

The emerald lake is definitely the place to be if you want to catch fantastic reflections of the Lassen Peak. Try to get there early morning and then drive and hike to the Kings creek falls by the sunset. Both very unique and brilliant locations to photograph IMO.

#mountainmonday curated by +Michael Russell 
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