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It Ain't What You THINK it is,
but IT IS what it looks like!

Enjoy the brand new video of METAMORPHEUS

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Brand new video for "Les Paul Man (Love Is Love)" Enjoy!

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Enjoy the new memes!

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In lieu of a more humble offering, I submit this concert in Genoa of this past spring, as a gesture of support for a wonderful city going through floods and rain damage, in the past few days.
Genoa has always proudly displayed her love for culture and the arts, going back into her long and illustrious history.
And my own music has found a welcome and friendly greeting, as well as an open door, for which I am most grateful.
I dedicate this concert from Sananda & the Nudge Nudge in Genoa, Italia, to the city of Genoa and its state of affairs.
The concert occurred between us and time at 'La Claque' on April 26, 2014.
Enjoy, and keep Genoa in your heart, that good things be restored to her bracelet of charms!
Sananda Maitreya.

15 Zugebrian Blues - Sananda Maitreya & The Nudge Nudge

full playlist:

#SanandaMaitreya #TheNudgeNudge #IntroducingSanandaTour2014 #live #new #HD #enjoy #postmillenniumrock

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Sananda & the Nudge Nudge Live* in Stockholm Sweden 2014!

*We were LIVE in Sweden. We don't 'Live' in Sweden, we live in Italy. Just for the record (as well as the CD and Mp3).

We arrived in the north countries fit to fight. Enea, Nick 'the Sticks' and me, Sananda. The trip started out well enough but by the time we got to the airport in Milano, I could sense that I might encounter problems getting my Pet Hermit Crab through customs. I was right! Despite my explanation that it wasn't 'food' I was carrying, but a favored pet, friend, mentor and confidant. Although the relevant officials were somewhat charmed by my commitment to my crustacean cohort, still I had no choice but to start my journey without my faithful buddy, not the most auspicious sign. So as not to be totally caught out, I sold it to the food court and with a couple of beers as bonus. Turns out that it wasn't so much the Crab that the authorities objected to as the Bucket of Salt Water......

We played for some people in Stockholm who were invited to see our presentation so as to surmise future participation in our enterprise and to skim some of the foam of skepticism from the beer and their barrels. Far more than several showed, though the concert was in essence a 'showcase' aimed at bringing our northern brothers up to speed on the current situation as time has pressed its breast upon us and exchanged some milk for more miles and memories.

It was a long haul, the Zugebrian Time Lords and their barking dogs stalked the entire way. They never wasted an opportunity for mischief nor the misdeeds that spring from their seeds. But we stayed focused and took what time gave us. It is always good to spend a little time with the Swedes. They gave us the Vikings and taught us how to watch porn. And it is always a pleasure and privilege to spend a little time with YOU (and your ears and eyeballs)!

Enjoy our show. It was intended to summarize Post Millennium Rock's last dozen years until now. And don't worry about my good old Pet Hermit Crab. Apparently he in attempting to escape leapt to his demise right into a crab salad, where he was complimented for being so fresh (and where he was complemented WITH a zesty Greek tartar sauce and crisp iceberg lettuce)!

We disavow any possible mistakes as evidence that the Zugebrian Time Lords have Infiltrated your Waveform and Brainwashed your Mind with Suggestive Negative Subatomic Plasma Particles. They are some sneaky bitches; it's how they roll.

Sananda Maitreya!

*Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Matteo 'Sergente' Sandri for TreeHouse Publishing.
All Songs Written & Arranged by Sananda Maitreya except for where otherwise indicated (Beatles) and performed by Sananda & the Nudge Nudge for TreeHouse Publishing, an Adult Burping affiliated enterprise!

I would like to thank TreeHouse Publishing for their support as well as Nik Taccori & Enea Bardi for their work and efforts. Thanks to Mattia Pittella and the rest of our crew, thanks to God for seeing us through. And thanks to my wife Francesca for Tech Support!

P.S. Don't forget to turn off the lights before you leave, and always flush (twice if you're not sure). Thank you for your time. Concert dedicated to the late great masters Jimmy Scott & Bobby Womack. As well as to Queen Silvia. Rock On!
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