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Crazy in the making

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Just by seeing the "cleaning up after the kids" list on #Apple‬   #music‬   I loved the service already and yes, the list is great so far. If you are a music fanatic and music can make your day like me, give it a shot, it's like all music services built into one.

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Happy birthday dearest person in the world <3 


Got an issue and hoping you can help. 
I have .MOV videos which are 5 and 6 years old with H.264 and AAC codecs... but my Mac (Yosemite)  wont open them in any software.. am not even able to convert them. I really want those videos :s

Any ideas why and what to do?

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We love thought out ideas

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Win a free photoshoot this Mother's day with our Facebook competition 
in #AbuDhabi  
#mothersday   #photoshoot   #Facebook  

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Thanks for the efforts
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