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Creative people are hiding across Plymouth - but this weekend they will come out in force as Plymouth holds its first Art Weekender. EMILY SMITH discovers more Plymouth is becoming recognised as a...
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Amanda Collins originally shared:
Would you want to see your doctor's, therapist's notes? And what would you be looking for / want to know?
Patients have the legal right to see their doctor's notes, but actually getting them can be slow and expensive. Two new surveys say patients overwhelmingly want to read the notes. But doctors are much...
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Thanks for sharing that. I would imagine a psychiatrist's notes are a lot more interesting than seeing what my gyn or family doctor has to say -- or for legal purposes, are they very brief and general in nature?

Also, if you don't mind, please include +HealthyPlace in your circles. I'd like to add you there too.
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I write a tip every day on being a friend to yourself.

I practice psychiatry and parent, with my husband, our 3 small children.

This blog reflects many years of study, along with life and patient experience. I hope you will enjoy it!

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Woman in her 30s living with OCD, SAD, and depression. A blog with humor therapy.

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I am a Single mother of 2 beautiful girls. (12 and 15 yrs old)  I am writing about my life with Bipolar 2 disorder.  I have had a life long

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