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San Diego Maker Faire
Maker Faire is coming to San Diego!
Maker Faire is coming to San Diego!

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So how did you get involved in the Maker community?
"Once, as a kid, a road repair crew left blasting wire out on our street. We took some, went home and made reading and spot lights on our beds. We were four boys and two girls, and growing up we were always making stuff. Once I rigged up an alarm system just to keep my brother out of my room... Eventually you just find your people. You get comfortable, do something you love and happily geek out."

What advice would you give to people who are interested in making, but hesitant to step into a maker space?
"A lot of things are done here. We have classes on folding paper airplanes and origami, so it's not all high tech, we have classes on many subjects. Once you make something, you will start looking at new ways of problem solving. Being here is the first sign of the maker mentality; you just have to be inquisitive."

What is the best part of being a maker? 
"I get a kick out of how my daughter is thinking like a maker like me."

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San Diegans really showed their maker spirit Saturday! We worked on cupcake cars, brainstormed new hands-on activities, learned about volunteering opportunities, and saw how one of the Battlepond battleships works. Thank you Fab Lab San Diego and Open Source Maker Labs for hosting such fun meet-ups!

If you missed out, don't worry. There are many ways you can participate in Maker Faire and more meet-ups coming up. Be on the look out for more information.
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Our brand new happy pink cupcake was invited to join the San Diego Pride Parade! But "... could our south county cupcake go the distance? Could it keep up with the parade?"

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"I conduct a weekly art class with physically and/or mentally challenged elderly adults in a memory-care assisted-living home. They are very limited in what they can do... The majority have Alzheimer’s or dementia and won’t remember what we did even five minutes after we finish.

The objective of this project was for them to enjoy the process of making and end up with something beautiful and/or functional that I could point to later and remind them that they “made” it to renew their joy and reinforce self-confidence."

Read more about the power of making in our latest guest blog post.

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Don't forget to join us at our our future meetups! Build a cupcake car or just come learn more about volunteering and see what Maker Faire is all about. 

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20 replica battleships. Axis vs Allies.
Real mini-artillery. 
A 27,000-gallon ocean. 
You control the ships. You cheer your team to victory.
BATTLE POND is coming to Maker Faire San Diego in October. Read more about Battle Pond and Rob Wood, the mind behind it, in our latest blog post.

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Curious about the Maker Movement and our need to make, create, tinker and experiment? Here is Dale Dougherty, the founder of Maker Magazine and one of the heralds of the Maker Movement, giving a TED talk in which he describes the importance of making and what makes us all makers.

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Wishing everyone a safe, happy, fun, and inspiring 4th of July! What are you making today?

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“It would probably explode if I tried that.”

Check out the new blog post in our series, "Making an Impression."

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New blog post! We love to see bike hacks at Maker Faire.
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