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Being in the hospital can be an intimidating experience. Doctors want to help you, but the truth is that they can use your help to keep yous safe.

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Doctors have a tremendous challenge and responsibility.  They often work long shifts, and I can see how the scenario you described could happen.  However, with today's technology, hospitals should use tablets and more to prevent these kinds of situations.  Sure, it would be expensive for a hospital to implement, but I don't think anymore expensive than one or two lawsuits for "wrongful death" resulting from an accident.
+William Wilson EMR and tools like tablets do help, but the cost is huge and benefits unproven. EMR is especially silly because the government has shelled out tons of money for it but hasn't set any standards, so each hospital frequently has a different system that can't inter communicate. Many of the best patient safety interventions have been simple things like check lists
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