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1,215 followers - hacker. Tech ninja for Audrey Capital. Beer enthusiast. Man about town. hacker. Tech ninja for Audrey Capital. Beer enthusiast. Man about town.

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Watched a movie this morning. One of those straight-to-video-on-demand ones. You can get it for $4 on Amazon, if you like. I’m not going to link to it, because you should save your cash. Buy half a beer instead. Better investment of your time. Silly me, I…

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Hearthstone is a game I like to play when I get a few minutes here or there. Fun to play, the matches are relatively short, new cards appearing every so often keeps it interesting. If you have not played it, but want a fun and free game, give it a try.…

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When I was a kid, I found about Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels from my dad very early on. He had quite a large collection, including an original paperback of Dune (in sadly terrible condition), lots of the ERB Princess of Mars collection (NSF kids, BTW), and…

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I am a man of many tastes.

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It actually snowed. Didn't expect that. Not much though, more of a dusting.
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Trees got all icy round here. 

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Central BBQ - Downtown Memphis. Best BBQ anywhere.

Had some problems getting my Samsung Galaxy 4 (Google Play edition, GT-I9505G) to connect to a Windows 8 laptop with USB Debugging mode. Couldn't find drivers, etc. Pain in the ass. I fixed it after much effort. Since I didn't find good instructions in searching, posting the solution to help others:

First, enable developer mode on the phone. To do this, go to Settings->About Phone, then tap the Build Number 7 times. This enables the Developer Options menu and lets you turn on USB Debugging and all that.

To get it recognized by Windows 8, do this:

1. Install Kies. Works fine on Windows 8 and you need it for the drivers. Make sure you tell it to install the drivers during the installation, even though it suggests you don't need them:

2. Reboot, then plug in the phone.

If the phone still isn't recognized and shows up in the Device Manager as "Samsung_ANDROID", then do this:

3. Unplug the phone again. Then, on the phone, dial *#0808# to get to the screen that lets you adjust the USB modes directly.

4. Select "AP" and "MTP + ADB" as the settings. Save.

5. Plug the phone in again, and it should find and install the correct drivers.

After this, the phone should be recognized as a Media device (MTP = Media Transfer Protocol) and the USB debugging will work with Chrome (ADB = Android Debug Bridge).


Why is there not an option to allow me to turn off notifications for people who "added you to their circles"?

I don't care who added me to their circles.
I don't want to know about that in any way whatsoever.
I don't even want to see that in the alarm-bell dropdown.

This one piece makes Google+ Notifications completely useless, because it's nothing but endless spam of crap I don't care about and cannot make go away.

Google+ is nice, but these little usability features make it a very hard-sell. Right now it's just another stream for spammers to infiltrate, and they're doing just that. Cut this crap off at the pass, Google.
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