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Samuel Nelson
I'm a linux fanatic, metalhead, and (according to a friend) scapegoatist. It's a new word. Just accept it.
I'm a linux fanatic, metalhead, and (according to a friend) scapegoatist. It's a new word. Just accept it.

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Separate GOPATHs

I have several projects that are using similar syntax (they have some functions with equivalent signatures), and while goimports is extremely nice, it sometimes chooses to import from the wrong repository.  The solution was obvious: set up a separate $GOPATH for each project - that way, goimports would only load libraries in the $GOPATH of said project.  Implementing that solution was ... less obvious.  Here's my specific implementation:

I've got both zsh and emacs set up to change the GOPATH and PATH variables based on the directory they're in.  Here's the code I've added to my .zshrc:

For emacs, I wrote a file ( to symlink to $GOPATH/.dir-locals.el, which effectively performs the same thing in emacs.

Of course, I had to write a quick script ([edit] my quick script: so that I can run `go-get-project` and it will automate creating the new GOPATH, setting up the symlink and .gopath files, and installing goimports, golint, and gocode.  Overall, though, not too bad - it's a working solution that's not going to create too many maintenance headaches (I hope).

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This is like Michael Bay giving free lessons on how to overcome budget restrictions with a good plot, script, and cinematography.
Not an article from +The Onion???

Is this the same Microsoft that complained when Google outed their failure to fix a security flaw within a 90 day window? Or the same Microsoft that to this day has bugs that originated more than 10 years ago? Or the same Microsoft that single-handedly caused the necessity for an entire industry dedicated to writing Anti-Virus software specifically for its OS?  That Microsoft?

I mean, I guess it's good that some cities will get access to additional training resources, but I can think of more than a few companies better qualified to give advice related to successfully hardening systems...

I saw the first 10 seconds of the trailer for the new 12 Monkeys TV show from Syfy.  This is my knee-jerk reaction.

Syfy, stahp.  We really don't need more evidence that your name change is justified.  You've already shown us plenty of evidence that you're closer to an STD (syphilis) than a science fiction network, these days.  We nerds have already left.

You don't have to ruin everything we love just to get us to leave.  Really.  You don't.  We're gone.  You can have your mainstream audience all to yourselves.

Please stop?  Please?

.... please?

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It's a start.
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I was trying not to think about it yesterday, so I didn't talk or post about it, but:

First Christmas present of the year?  $688 fee because my car was towed for "inoperability."  Thing is, it only has cosmetic damage - it operates just fine.

So yeah.  Great end to the year.

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Sigh.  This again.

Dear MPAA and RIAA (collectively MAFIAA): Please stop.  I think everyone's finally realized that you're not out to make things better for anyone but yourselves.  You're not helping the general public, you're not helping the artists (music, movie, or otherwise), you're not even helping the record or movie studios - your only interest is in helping yourselves to money gained through lawsuits.  Even some politicians are starting to realize this, and politicians are notoriously ignorant about technology and current events.

So just stop.  You're wasting everyone's time and money, and it's just getting exhausting at this point.

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Ted Kirkpatrick's latest album, Onward to Freedom, is definitely among my favorite of his albums (including all Tourniquet discography, as well as things like In the Shadow of the Masters).  It may be my favorite thrash album, period.  Anyone who has any interest in thrash metal made by a guy who has a serious appreciation for classical music should check it out.

And there goes $350.

I'm very excited for my gencon stuff to get here (in about two months, of course).  I'm going to be painting the logos of my favourite breweries on the Whiskey golem, for sure.  Avery, Surly, 3 Floyds, Grimm Brothers, and Delirium are all getting a spot, I think.

I should probably add some of my favourite scotch distilleries, too.

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I finally have my replacement hood and bumper for my RX-8.  I had some minor damage to the front end a while back, and have been waiting for a consistent paycheck before getting the replacement parts.
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[A Quick Rant About the Term "PC"]

Game developers with linux releases: I know many of you are new to the linux world.  Many of us linux users stick to our linux-related circles and don't really interact so much with the Windows or OS X world.  Now, you're starting to write your games for linux, too, and everything is completely new to you.  So I understand why it's confusing for you; but STOP USING THE TERM "PC" WHEN YOU MEAN "WINDOWS"!

Really, I get it.  Apple encouraged the idiotic distinction between "PC" and "Mac".  While Apple computers technically are PCs, I can understand the distinction there - Apple encouraged it, so Apple PC owners are used to thinking that "PC" means "Not my computer."

That distinction never happened in the linux world.  I have a PC; my PC is running Funtoo Linux.  When you say something like, "The PC release will be first, with other platforms to follow," do you know what that translates to in my head?  "The OS X, linux, and Windows releases will be first; with consoles, iOS, and Android to follow."

If it were universal, I could just do a simple translation in my head: if isinstance(person, GameDev): sentence.replace("PC", "Windows").  No big deal.  You'd still be wrong, but at least I'd know what you meant.  But about 1/3 of you guys seem to have people on staff who know how confusing "PC" is in the linux world, which means that 1/3 of the time, "PC" actually does mean "PC".

Please, guys.  Follow the example of the 1/3 who are using the term correctly.  If you mean "Windows", say "Windows" or "Windows PC".  Or if that's too many characters for you to type, use "MSPC".

Also, if "Windows" is too many characters for you to type, I hope you're not actually writing code.
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