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Thought I'd share this. :P
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Aymen! :) +Samuel Marinov 
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Neville Chamberlain's cronies have risen again.
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Ok, thanks for the ideological police protection.
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"People who never laugh are not serious people."
-Frederic Chopin

Haha this is so totally true! Laughter is a part of life!!!!!
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One of the biggest reasons why we see such a lack of talent in so many parts of culture is due to a belief that talent is something a person is born with, and not something a person earns by setting his/her mind on and working hard to achieve. Men seek success without hard work.

"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men." - Colossians 3:23
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It really is an amazing feeling when youve been working on something and it clicks. I notice it alot when Im playing music, all of a sudden Im playing the song and not just plinking along.
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I love Christ. It's His followers who make me crazy.

Truth is, I dislike a lot of Christians. Notice I didn't say some Christians, but a lot of them. I don't like them - not at all, not even a little bit. Many times I'd rather hang around wild, swearing, heathen, lost people than self-righteous, hypercritical, narrow-minded, so-called believers.

I relate a lot to a certain pastor of a large church. He once told a reporter in an interview that he prays for six hours a day. Astonished, the reporter asked why he prays so long. The pastor replied honestly, "My church is very large - and there are so many people that I hate - I have to pray six hours to help me love them."

I wish I liked all Christians, but I don't. Here's the short list of reasons why. I dislike many Christians because they can be so darned judgmental. They act holier-than-thou, and they can be incredibly condescending. They'll fight and argue about the dumbest things.

You're reading the wrong Bible version.
Your church has the wrong worship style.
You don't teach enough from the Old Testament.
Why don't you do more expository preaching?
Your church isn't evangelistic enough.
You are too evangelistic, and you don't do enough discipleship.

These "church experts" are often the ones who don't know their own lost next-door neighbor's name! Aaauuuggghhhh! It makes me sick. Then when you get outside of church issues, it's even more fun:

All R-rated movies are off-limits. (I loved it when The Passion of the Christ came out)
If you listen to secular music, you're of the devil.
Don't get a tattoo.
Don't watch Teletubbies.
Don't go to Disney World.

I can't picture Jesus drawing these lines in the sand. 

Another guy who turns my stomack is Angry Street Preacher: Turn or burn! You're going to hell, you sinner! In my own experience, Angry Street Preacher is often sinning as much or more than any of the passersby he's shouting at.

If my previous rant wasn't enough, to top it off, Christians can be just plain weird - really weird. Take Christian television. Some of those people make my job almost impossible. If even I - supposedly on the same team with them - am tempted to make fun of their goofiness, is it any wonder that non-Christians watch them just for laughs? I know some very valuable Christian ministries are on television, and I'm all for them, but you have to admit, there's some out-and-out flaky stuff.

If' you're offended, be honest for a moment. Have you seen the way many of the televangelists dress? Add to it their overly made-up wives' long eyelashes and Pepto-Bismol-coloured hair. Not to mention the unbiblical, self-centered, God-is-going-tmake-me-rich-so-I-can-drive-a-Rolls-Royce crap.

Then they top it off with that phony, insincere, I'm-going-to-get-your-money way of preaching, adding an "-uh!" to the end of every sentence. "And... Jesus rose from the grave-uh! And He will forgive your sins-uh! Call on Him now-uh!"


It makes me want to puke-uh!

Probably the worst, though, is that Christians can be so stinking hypocritical. They'll say one thing and do another. Not only does that tarnish Jesus' name, but it gives the skeptical, nonbelieving world more ammunition to use against the body of Christ.

It's like the guy who went to the Baptist pastor and said, "Brother Smith, would you perform a funeral for my dead dog?"

Brother Smith replied, "We don't do funerals for dogs."

"Oh," the man replied, seeming disappointed, but inwardly smiling. "I was going to give $100,000 to the church. I guess I'll have to give it to the Methodists."

"Wait a minute!" Brother Smith quickly replied. "Why didn't you say your dog was a Baptist?"

Those are a few of the reasons I dislike a lot of Christians. To be fair, a lot of them don't like me, either. I'm too radical. I have shallow theology. I'm too good at marketing. And my unpardonable sin: I pastor a "megachurch" (which automatically makes me an egomaniac who only cares about money).

Now that that's on the table, we can start, and hopefully we can get somewhere God wants us to be - which is probably not where I am right now. Just the same, I feel better after venting. 

Thanks for listening. 

-- Dare to Drop the Pose, Craig Groeschel, ch. 2, pg. 1-4
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Makes you feel bad for expecting so much from a child of God...until you realize that most "Christians" are happy with meeting the bare minimum. I see coasting on the tattered coat tails of parents and grandparents makes most people righteous enough for their own gods.
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"If the darkness falls, and my angel calls
In my despair
Will you be there?
In the darkest night
When I need your light
Will you show me the way?
If my time runs out
And the sky falls down
Despite my fear
Will you appear?
If the world goes blind
And I lose my mind
Will you show me the way?
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cheerfully no, YOU'D be wrong!
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Upgraded to #Windows10 .
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+Adam Terrell Haha.... guess so!  :)
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Apparently, air conditioning is sexist, compliments to +Washington Post.
Women rely on cardigans and space heaters to brave Arctic conditions in their workplaces. Men barely notice.
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66 degrees = Arctic conditions. Sounds like a first world problem to me. 
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On net neutrality:

Few actually understand what net neutrality really is. It's not government regulation (as much as some would like to think), nor does it change anything that is already in place. It simply states that companies can't violate their contract with their customers to provide internet access at a certain speed, by ripping off both the content provider and the content consumer in limiting the speeds of certain types of access.

This is not at all close to the argument "the post office has to ship things at the same price regardless of size." For one, the internet is not comparable to the post office, because, by technology standards, all packets are limited to 1500 bytes. Due to this technological limitation, it would be like the post office trying to charge different fees for a standard letter envelope and a standard letter envelope with a half an ounce packet of sugar.

Two, net neutrality does not force a one-price model for all speeds. As a model, it believes that ISPs should charge more for more speed. The difference is that net neutrality does not allow companies to say "your internet speed for your $50/month plan is 25 MBPS" while in a small print they write "except for access to Google, YouTube, Netflix, and Fox News." If companies are allowed to limit speed to certain sites by law, then by law and technological ability they are allowed to block access to legal websites, in order to charge more for their own competing services, which are often of poorer quality.

A better post office analogy would be this:

The post office provides different shipment plans, $10/month for 50 packages, $20/month for 100, and so on. Then, the post office all of a sudden decides to start tracking the addresses you're shipping to and sees that you're mailing 75 of your 100 shipments under your $20 plan to a certain address in Pennsylvania. They contact you and say, "from now on, if you wanna ship to that address, you'll have to purchase the $30/month plan for 200 packages or we won't ship to that address." This is exactly what net neutrality is trying to prevent.
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+Andrew Abraham: No, because the ISPs do not own the content providers. Therefore, they're using their power to prevent legitimate businesses from selling their products. It's a violation of the free-market principle.
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Nuff said.
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