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Jesus follower, Videographer, Bubble wrap enthusiast, Allonsy!
Jesus follower, Videographer, Bubble wrap enthusiast, Allonsy!

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The Announcement of The Doctor [non-spoilery discussion]

So, I caught wind of the coming announcement of the 13th Doctor while on facebook, and I gotta say I was not as enthusiastic as I was before Capaldi, I made this comment to someone on the official Doctor Who page:

"I really don't want to know who the new doctor will be until Christmas, but I don't know if I can avoid all discussion/or media about the subject until then, and if I'm going to find out anyway I might as well watch the official announcement.... what to do.... what indeed..."

I thought it might be a good discussion, anything from the pro and cons of avoiding spoilers, to the practical challenge of doing so in this information age.

Still the very non spoilery trailer looks cool.

Bill's Story

I was giving some thought today to Bill's story arc and what I would have done differently, and what you said, +Paul Duggan, about Moffatt being truly out of ideas hit me. Because really I don't think that a writer necessarily has to do something "new" (as indeed originality is a farce) or has to outdo himself in order tell a new or good story. Really you just need to know what parts of stories need retold, reused, or what outside elements should be brought in.

What I realized is that what I wanted was in essence Martha's story exit, except without the tragic family. Martha Jones story was simple compared to Roses and it followed a love affair with a "rebound" which fit thematically. I think that this simplicity would have been a perfect follow up to Clara, and it would have fit thematically here as well, because as we saw with Clara the Doctor had become so attached to his companion, unhealthily so, that it caused him to go kinda nuts and even betray his core values, almost like an overattached parent. I think if they had continued this theme, have the Doctor be clingy and then at the end have Bill choose to leave, just choose to leave, it would have been a much more poignant and honest take on the "I want to be myself" message that Bill was trying to have, but her message was kinda subverted by the "the pilot" ending. As it is I felt the message at the end of her story was "I don't want live if I can't be myself, or be a really cool godlike alien, ya know options" which is a far cry from Sarah Jane's "Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love... ...Everything has its time. And everything ends."

Long story short: I think Bill called for simplicity after the (admittedly awesome) complexity that clara's ending had. Martha Jones (or Donna Nobles first appearance, now that I think about it more) would have been good inspiration.

Series 11 Discussion, expectations, hopes, and worries.

Who would you want for the next Master?
What would you want him/her to be like?

World Enough and Time (spoilers)

Holy Guacamole Batman!

I think this is the wildest reaction to an episode I've had in a very long time. I avoided the finale synopsis, and so I didn't have anything to go on except for the brief knowledge that mondasian cybermen and the Simm's Master were coming.

I was genuinely surprised by Simm's reveal at the end, at first I thought that they were introducing either an older incarnation of the character or an unknown incartnation in the war doctor style.

Even without the master and the cybermen I really loved the episode, and also I'm glad that they can still get "spooky hospital" right. Possibly the creepiest hospital scenes since the empty child.

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From +Levi Clark on facebook:

"What is the 12th Doctor's MBTI personality type?"

We both guessed on that it would be ENFJ, though I think that he might flip flop between that and ESFJ.

I read the description of ENFJ tonight, and it does indeed seem to fit reasonably well.

Do you agree? Do you have a better idea?

another question is does the Doctor's MBTI classification actually change between regenerations? 

The Pyramid at the end of the world

I don't have much to say about this one, except I really like how this has played out from the previous episode and the season as a whole. It doesn't feel like a standard mid section of the 3-quel, I reads more like a single chapter in the larger plot.

Also I really like how the vault has been revealed, other seasons might have "buried" the vault in singles plot episodes until the last two episodes of the season.

I'm looking forward to next week's, the preview felt very Martha-Jones-and-the-Year-that-never-happened-ish...

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First spoilery trailer, I guess it's not a complete spoiler, but I did not expect to see any spoiler like this in an official trailer form. If you have successfully avoided spoilers up til now, my hats off to you, I would steer clear of this.

If I hadn't already heard the news from my well meaning dad and facebook trending topics, I might have been mad.

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I have not watched the Christmas special yet, but I did enjoy this trailer, even though it seems to be pointed directly at those that are unfamiliar with the show.

Also I was pleased to see a possible growing connection(edit: allusion) between Bill and Ace, "he's a 'professor,' or..."
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