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Jesus follower, Videographer, Bubble wrap enthusiast, Allonsy!
Jesus follower, Videographer, Bubble wrap enthusiast, Allonsy!


Demons of the Punjab - Predictions

The Tsuranga Conundrum predictions...

why would someone move a planet?

I'm thinking about the planet desolation. We've seen this happen a few times before in show, I'm wondering what this might herald or worn of.

The stolen Earth, in this scenario 26 planets and 1 moon were moved to a different part of the galaxy to create a large machine.

The only other case I can think of is the transporting of Gallifrey, first out of the Time War to Earth present day, and then second it of the pocket dimension and to the place at the end of the universe.

In real life, I could see that it might be valuable to move a planet within the habitable zone, or to facilitate gravity slingshots, or La Grange assisted travel.

4 Predictions for Rosa Parks

1. The mystery will not involve what Rosa Parks did directly, i.e. nothing will interrupt the actual history of her sitting on the bus.
2. The bus driver will be a time traveller
3. The Aliens will be racist
4. The Doctor will reference Rose.

I thought this would be fun to do, not so much as serious predictions, but more like a "drinking game" of sorts.

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Tardis designer discussing the reason behind the aggressively analog design...

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Question, People who dislike #Monopoly: What is your favourite part of the game? or What part is the least bad?
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I wonder if Google is done trying to compete with Facebook, or if it will try another social network after g+ is gone
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The Ghost Monument

Biggest surprise this episode: The Stenza are a continuing threat.

I really liked how this one came together in the end, how the episodes characters got to "join the team" for a bit and still complete their own stories.

The Tardis reveal was expected, no surprises, I'm glad they didn't leave the episode on another cliffhanger. I'm not sure I like the new interior. I'm surprised they went for sort of a hybrid between 11's 1st, and 10's, only darker than both of them.

13 - "Is this a space race?"

12 - "You know people don't actually call things 'space this' or 'space that'"


The Woman Who Fell to Earth - First thoughts discussion

Well that was a ride...

I think I need to watch it again...

But first impression... I'm excited.
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