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+Jason Beck making some cool field art!

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As always too addicted to fixing maps.

Also, Bring back mapmaker to Australia +Google Maps! There are roads I need to fix.

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Hey blues! Come kill the uni for me!

What is the deal with S7ARSCR34M? I assumed they were a legit agent but this is inhumanly fast.

14:38:20 <S7ARSCR34M> linked Yaccaba Peninsula to Nature's Beacons
302 sec across the bay and up to the old lighthouse? (3.8km)
14:43:22 <S7ARSCR34M> linked Memorial Stone to Yaccaba Peninsula
14:46:50 <S7ARSCR34M> captured Girralong
172 sec from the old lighthouse to the top of Tomaree (2.53km) 
14:49:42 <S7ARSCR34M> linked Nature's Beacons to Memorial Stone

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$0 album from Google play. :)

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New album from Pink Floyd?
Guess I'll give it a listen while I write. Not sure what to expect.

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Was talking to +Alan Newbury the other day and told him I would link this.

Good little bit of ingress satire. There are a few episodes

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Portal Title: Callaghan Post Office
City: Newcastle
Region and Country: Australia
Lat/long(s): -32.893003,151.699355
Appeal category: edit appeal
Reason/comments: I have been trying to get this portal moved to its correct location but even though edits come through with approved the portal never shifts.
The included map shows where the portal should be.
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