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+Jason Beck making some cool field art!

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As always too addicted to fixing maps.

Also, Bring back mapmaker to Australia +Google Maps! There are roads I need to fix.

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Hey blues! Come kill the uni for me!

What is the deal with S7ARSCR34M? I assumed they were a legit agent but this is inhumanly fast.

14:38:20 <S7ARSCR34M> linked Yaccaba Peninsula to Nature's Beacons
302 sec across the bay and up to the old lighthouse? (3.8km)
14:43:22 <S7ARSCR34M> linked Memorial Stone to Yaccaba Peninsula
14:46:50 <S7ARSCR34M> captured Girralong
172 sec from the old lighthouse to the top of Tomaree (2.53km) 
14:49:42 <S7ARSCR34M> linked Nature's Beacons to Memorial Stone

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$0 album from Google play. :)

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New album from Pink Floyd?
Guess I'll give it a listen while I write. Not sure what to expect.

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Was talking to +Alan Newbury the other day and told him I would link this.

Good little bit of ingress satire. There are a few episodes
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