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Samuel Hatton
Versatile Media Professional. Tech Marketer. Husband. Student of Life, Love, and Wisdom. Destined Extraordinaire.
Versatile Media Professional. Tech Marketer. Husband. Student of Life, Love, and Wisdom. Destined Extraordinaire.

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More good Courageous Self-Confidence content about personality development.

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top personality traits

If you want to be successful develop the personality traits of the most successful personalities.

Among all the most successful people, three personality traits rise to the top. If you want to be successful, develop the top personality traits. Without YOUR unique personality traits, these top personality traits may as well not matter. It’s be cause the unique combination of your personality is what is going to hands down make you the most successful. Consider these three top personality traits your key to amplifying the rest of your personality toward success.

Let’s start with success. What will lead to success more than anything else? These top 3 personality traits:

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Personality Development Series on the Courageous Self-Confidence podcast

Think of a time when you had great success in something. Usually it was a personalty trait that got you that success. Or maybe someone gave you a break, but a personalty trait carried you till you saw personal success

#couragehub #courage #confidence #personality #success #attraction

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Following Your Curiosity to Find Your Passion

To find your passion you must start somewhere. Recent college graduate, Reilly Dooris, is starting in Guatemala. This is where his curiosity has taken him.

We interviewed Reilly because he was in a place that plenty of you are in right now. At a crossroads. And the path he took is a courageous one. He has chosen to embrace his narrow road that is only big enough for him. He went to school for engineering. However, humanitarian work with First Things Foundation is where his curiosity has lead him. This is his unique adventure.

His story began with a homework assignment in a leadership class.

#couragehub   #courage   #curiosity   #confidence   #guatemala  

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How to Live a Life of Adventure with Derek Loudermilk

The most recent Courageous Self-Confidence interview, Derek Loudermilk shares his story of adventure. Whereas I focus on courage and self-confidence, he focuses on adventure. He is the host of The Art of Adventure podcast where he interviews lifestyle entrepreneurs, global travelers, and those who push the limits of human performance. There is a lot of overlap when it comes to adventure and courage. Both involve action and risk and a higher level of living for the sake of making your life a story worth telling. Check it out.

#courage   #storytelling   #confidence  

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Why Start Building Your Dream Now with Sonia Thompson

Building your dream must start somewhere. Sonia Thompson started early and went from working a successful corporate job to building her dream business.

Our most recent interview in our Story of Courage Series comes from Sonia Thompson. She is an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs build businesses that they are passionate about. She is a content marketing strategist, that’s obsessed with roaming around Buenos Aires. She’s the founder of TRY Business School, the host of the podcast I Am the One: Entrepreneur Edition, author of the book Delight Inside, and a writer for Huffiington Post, Copyblogger, Boost Blog Traffic, and more.

This interview is all about how it all started.

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Quick Starting A Podcast Out of Passion

Turning passion into a project can be intimidating. This is the story of how two friends overcame intimidation by quick starting a podcast.

Frank and Axel met in the Air Force in 2007 when they were both stationed in Turkey. They became instant friends and created many shared experiences exploring the culture in Turkey. After a couple years, they went their separate ways and had only stayed in contact through phone. In November of 2015 they agreed on starting a project. The Noise Cancelling Pod was born. Their project is about “streamlining life, encouraging discourse, appreciating each other.”

This is their story.

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Neuroscience, Life Coaching, and Trusting Dreams with Ann Betz

What does neuroscience, life coaching, and trusting dreams have in common? Actually a lot.

Ann Betz is full of passion for neuroscience. She is a founder and trainer for advance life coaches in Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching. She has been a certified professional coach for the past 14 years. Her career is built on relationships and love and a deep curiosity. This is her story.

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Midlife Career Transition to Real Estate with Mario Jannatpour

At age 41, Mario Jannatpour had a midlife career transition from hi-tech sales to real estate. Now his passion is helping new realtors build their business.

Mario Jannatpour has been expanding his thought leadership in the the real estate since. We explore his story through this transitions and the courage that it takes to live into a life of purpose. His story comes from Colorado, CA and it starts from a place of courage - a career transition.

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How to Encourage Someone in The Workplace

Here you will find five different ways of how to encourage someone in the workplace. And these tips are highly applicable outside the workplace too.

Encouragement is as simple as it sounds – imparting courage upon others. The more you can shine light on the unique abilities of others, bring life into conversation, and operate from a genuine place, the more positive a work environment you will find yourself.

Visit the Courageous Self-Confidence link above and learn how you can follow these five ways of encouraging others at work to find yourself becoming a catalyst of encouragement in your workplace.
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