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Entertainment is good with 1 screen, but it’s better with 2.

Introducing the Galaxy Tab 2.

It features a built-in IR blaster that lets you control your TV making it the Ultimate Entertainment Companion. Check it out and let us know what you think.
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I don't need it either.
Can't wait to buy it.
I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1, I'm disappointed that the sequel to it isn't better :-( Please release ICS for the original so I can use my camera! It'll give you guys enough time to make the tab 3 a serious piece of equipment.
What exactly (besides the speakers now being on the front) is different about SGT 1 and 2?

I have SGT 10.1 the first generation and I love it.

Also Please just release ICS for my SGT 10.1!
Tannia Muñoz
ES el mejor celular digital tienes todo al instante y siempre estas al día vives en el mundo a tiempo y con información al instante. No lo cambio a mi sansung galaxy por nada
my 10.1 WiFi tab still waiting for ICS update...
Why all the hate? It's better than the kindle fire (snark). I would have preferred something similar to the iPad in power. Guess I'll hold off another year on getting a tablet and keep using my desktop with an 80inch monitor. 
I would actually like to know what's keeping the ICS update... I thought we were supposed to have had it already.
Hurry your worthless developers up and release the ICS update. This is not how you treat early adopters. Update your devices ASAP!
If the SGT 2 is now shipping with ICS, then what in the world is keeping it from the SGT 1 ?? Ok I'm done ranting about this here.
where is the quad core? You JUST made the exynos quad.
This pretty much summarize how good is gonna sell lol
Tab 3 needs: quad core terga 3, ICS or jellybean and your awesome hd screen tech. Optional would be your ir or the no glasses 3d, dolby digital...etc.
I'm a fan of you, Samsung, but this is a piece of shit. At least it should have ICS and better not talk about that dual core...
What's the bet our SGT10.1 originals will still be running HC when Jelly Bean is released??? So disappointed with Samsung. The ONLY reason mine isn't rooted anymore is because my corporate mail app won't work on rooted devices :-( forget TouchWiz & give us some ICS!
I live in korea. Samsung is like a dictatorship here. They are a big chunk of the GDP of korea. I hate all their products. 
I would wait till the Galaxy Note 10.1 with S-Pen.
Aa, how cute. It's copying the Sony Tablet S, only without ICS
Stirred up quite the hornet's nest here..
I'm using a single core GT-P1000, I don't see a need for a quad-core.
But I'd really like to see way more RAM and battery capacity!
IR blaster, another feature copied from Nokia (N900). How original...
Let me know when they come up with something unique.
+Teemu Malkki bet you wouldn't say that about an apple Product yet they repackage ideas that have been around for decades and just put a clever marketing spin on it.
+Alexander Ortenburger IrDA is not the same, learn the difference.
You couldn't use IrDA enabled phones as a universal remote, unlike the N900 with QtIrreco.

+Jez Fairclough I wish Apple would steal more from other companies, like antennas that work when the phone is held in hand, or structural design that's not designed to break from the slightest impact.
+Teemu Malkki If the IrDA got an API and sufficient power, it's an universal remote.
I remember using a Nokia 6600 as remote control.
Get your facts straight.
You can even use your 13 year old Palm V Handheld to control the TV.
And Ipaq PDAs to.
+Alexander Ortenburger And these were generally available apps? I've never heard of Nokia 6600 being used as a remote, I always thought most IrDA devices were too weak or had too narrow spectrum to be useful.
+Teemu Malkki These were Java-applets for Symbian OS, widely avaible and pretty easy to code.
You don't need a wide spectrum to control TVs and alike (a carrier frequency of 36kHz and 38kHz is enough to control about 99% of the devices), the range was ok. The 6600 had about 3m range.
Generally: the older the mobile phone, the stronger the IrDA :-) < there you can buy some of the remote control applications.
Why can't they make a good tablet with an affordable price?!
+Nick Persinger Please read the reviews, this is a solid tablet for mid-range market. The first tab 10.1 with metallic cover. I think the Note 10.1 is coming for the high-range.
Frankly, I wish they worked harder on the price, by putting in 1.2 or 1.5 GHz chip to compete with the iPad 2 refresh, but even without these, it is still a solid device.
Come on Samsung dont you know its more expensive to get new customers than to keep loyal ones? I'm selling my galaxy tablet as soon as a nexus one comes out, the tablet is beautiful but your software add-ons are bloated...where's ICS?
Samsung, I am glad to see that you have a new Galaxy Tab 2 but I have an original Galaxy Tab 10.1. Ever so patiently I am still waiting on the ICS update for that device. Your slow progress to push updates to your devices is quite annoying. Here is my advise to you Samsung; work on getting updates out to your already purchased models so that when we decide to buy our next device we don't jump ship to another brand.
Its Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Sleek + Remote (are you serious?) who wants to control the TV with a tablet when i can use a remote.
How bout a tablet with a Samsung flexable screen: that runs quad-core and is 3-D. There would absolutely be no way that Apple could Sue you for making a tablet that looks like theirs. Oh and BTW apple claiming your tablet looks like theirs is BS. Idk who thought of the speakers on the front but it looks ugly
is it faster than the first generation galaxy tab 10.1?
i feel the lag with the first
I feel the lag also, I think that the problem is Touchwiz cause when I install another launcher on my 10.1 (ADW EX, SPB 3D) there is no lag at all. Hopefully Samsung can give us an update to fix this issue.
As much as a Samsung fan as I am I just had to get the Asus 300t. Same price, more features plus an optional dock that turns it into a netbook. I was hoping for better but Samsung is hoarding their latest and greatest for the Xmas season.
How quickly can one expect Android OS updates though. That's the issue I've had with mine all along. Our Asus tablet updated quickly, but not my Samsung Tablet.
+Linda Lawrey totally agree. Samsung is becoming infamous for this and it could be the only important reason other vendors could catch up with them.
+Linda Lawrey That's because Asus doesn't really tweak Android. They use stock Android with proprietary widgets and apps. So if you get an update the worst that could happen is that an app or widget won't run. Samsung modifies the OS so they have to modify every update and test it to make sure it doesn't brick the device.
+Linda Lawrey agree.  My original 10.1 is still waiting for the ICS update, and has been for a long time.  Samsung had ICS before anyone else but is totally neglecting the 10.1 tab.  It's the last time I ever buy samsung.  +Manny Brum I agree, if Samsung would stop wasting their time making their products worse, they could push updates a lot faster.  I hate the samsung skin and all the bloatware they force on us.  Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich please, and months ago.
I own the 7" Galaxy Tab 2

I like the build quality and features, it beats the Kindle Fire for sure, but the lack of updates is annoying. I won't be buying another Android device from Samsung.
+steev en Asus is a good alternative. They're pretty much pure google aside from a few apps and widgets. They're developing a Nexus Tablet for Google that will be 7" and retail for what could be $199. Any manufacturer that makes their own interface for Android is going to have slow updates.
I have 10.1 tab 1 (WiFi). Where is ICS?????
I just ordered the SGT 2 from Amazon. should i return it? I just read today that a Galaxy Nexus Tablet may come out later this month..
We need a tablet with a better screen
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