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Get her the new Samsung DV300F with built-in WiFi!

It now comes with 4GB micro SD memory card upgrade and a Samsung camera case.
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This camera is good but has it`s drawbacks like : Microphone:Mono (really ? in 2012 or is it just website typeo ) , and video at 720p not 1080p (i`v seen way worse cameras record at 1080p), the price is kinda steep to 200$
Just got one to review.. Looking REALLY nice so far. Just updating the firmware before I review it. Hopefully it supports sharing to Google+
OK, done my review (on Amazon UK). Mixed, i'm afraid. Wifi is not that great, unstable, trouble streaming video. It also refuses to work with my Samsung SMT-S7800 set-topbox. Poor show #samsung , no interoperability with your own products. No sharing to dropbox or Google Drive, only Microsoft's Skydrive :-( No Google+ integration :-(
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