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Explore more of the #GalaxyNote  and its features after the link. 

Which feature has you wanting one?
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Multitasking is a big leap forward. Will it be possible to run any application as the 2nd one though? If not then you need to think about it - how to make it happen :)
Expandable Micro-SD and variable stylus tools, the paintbrush, etc. Would like to see a (possibly) custom conductive glove/stylus finger mount for those who do outdoor work with our tech
I still love my nexus S, I believe that when u can keep up with the newest android system, that's a big function!
i think if Samsung company work for change launcher and create a theme like htc sense 
it will help for improve gadget series  
Big brother? U mean Nexus One or Nexus Prime?
Maybe, I think LTE and HSPA+ should be capabled
The size.  Will it be on Verizon?
+Steve Taylor  The Note will not, but the Galaxy Tab 7, releasing tomorrow, is and it is smaller.
+Samsung USA. Please make a Give away or contest for people to win these! I searched everywhere to replace my Galacy Tab 2 10.1 for this one and had no luck.
Is there some reason for having such a wide bezel??
So cool,but too late.
The feature of never getting a timely firmware update.
Good product but the three features I'd like to see before I buy an upgrade to my Galaxy Note 7000 or Nexus 7 are  higher resolution screen, option for integrated physical keyboard, ruggedised body materials (without added bulk or weight).
+Luc Chase I think you'd find it fairly difficult if not impossible to add a sliding keyboard while improving strength & lightening a device at the same time, at least at any reasonable price point. Look at Asus' VivoTab, it uses an aluminum alloy but is made so thin to keep weight down that it is prone to cracking & you are talking about adding a KB on to of that? You know they make Bluetooth keyboards right? 
Does Samsung even view their postings? I've been reviewing their Google + page and they don't interact much with the community. That being said, does that mean that if I were to ask if the note 10.1 tablet were to receive a 4.2 jelly bean update to take advantage of multiple users, do you think I would be ignored?
+Bruce Jr Kraft For some unknown reason Samsung participates heavily through Facebook instead of Google+. So much for loyalty to the one that brought you to the dance & is a big part of making Sammy all that money. BTW, in the US, the Note 10.1 GT-N8010 update to JB 4.1.1 works flawlessly for me & while it is not 4.2, it still adds quite a few useful features. I prefer it over my Nexus 10 for all things besides watching really high def movies.
I love the multitasking features of the note with the jellybean update. But I work in marketing and I really need the multiple user features of jellybean 4.2. I am working with the Nexus seven in the meantime but I would like the keyboard dock & the stylus pen & the multiple window multitasking of the note but I can't sacrifice multiple users unless I know Samsung will update the note 10.1 to jellybean 4.2... thanks for the heads up @George Leon 
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