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Smart TV... with Gaikai!

Want to play Limbo directly from the cloud?  Cloud gaming is coming to Samsung TVs and it's going to be good.

Samsung will soon begin accepting sign-ups for the Beta Test of the Cloud Gaming service on Smart TVs in the U.S. so stay tuned.
It was announced at E3 today that Samsung Cloud Gaming, developed in partnership with Gaikai, a leading cloud-based video game platform provider, will stream a mix of family-friendly and AAA video gam...
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cmon, whats wrong with onlive.
Samsung is the best company for Electronic in this moment in the world..
If OnLive looked better, I'd use it. It's much too compressed though and the image quality is muddy. I understand it's because not everyone has a good internet connection, but there should be options. I have an excellent internet connection and I can stream 1080p no problem. I should have the option to do so with OnLive.
Samsung have done very well for themselves in the Brave New World, they pretty much scooped up a massive chunk of the cellphone market from literally nowhere.

They kinda suckerpunched Nokia lol.
Cloud gaming is a neat idea but first service providers should give away more gigabytes per month. This will consume my whole month limit in a week. (tried with onlive)
I want to try it... When is gonna be in Latin America??? My next TV will be a Samsung Smart (now is a Samsung LCD-TV)... This feature is awesome!!!
 NVidia  announced something similar to this   
J. roto
I'm having a HORRIBLE time with my Samsung LED 3D TV. Now, 3 of the HDMI inputs are non-responsive. I have tried 4 different brands of brand new cables. Can somebody contact me to help? I'm a Samsung loyalist with the following Samsung products purchased: 2 computer monitors, 2 TVs, 1 Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch mobile, 1 galaxy tab 10.1...etc. / BUT...the experience with this TV so far has been very frustrating because of these HDMI issues.
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