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Guess who +Mashable name the breakthrough brand of 2012.
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When are u guys going public on the US stock market
Glad to be using a winning phone!
Hey +Samsung USA,

Way back I left CrApples iPhone for your Samsung Captivate.
I've been loyal ever since. All my family and friends own Samsung smartphone because of me.

Personally I own...
Infuse 4g...
Galaxy Note...
TL215 Digital Camera...
40" LCD TV & BlueRay Player in my BR...
48" LED TV & 1000 watt BlueRay Home Theater system in my LR...

Can I get a deal on that Galaxy Note 2.
I'm ready but my wallet isn't.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give to an aaggressive promoter of your product and loyal customer this holiday season.

Humbly & Respectfully
L. Brown

+Wilfredo Amador you have been circled my friend.
I love Samsung. The screen quality on all there devices are superior.
Once I got that Captivate is was a wrap!
Samsung deserves it. Lets hope the S4 will be out soon next year to replace my S2. Cant wait for full hd AMOLED!
Congrats from me also!
I still own the grandfather of the SGS III and am awaiting the new probably more than good and innovative Hardware you will hopefully provide next year for an upgrade...
Currently own
Samsung washer and dryer
Samsung refrigerator and stove
Samsung TV and Blu ray
Samsung Galaxy s3
Would buy a Samsung car if available. 
Just got my Galaxy S3.. Loving it!! 
The wife just got the SIII.
She love it!
I have the GS3 now and I am looking at the Note II...anyone seen it yet?
+Edward Kakraba root is the answer. That's why I love Samsung. Super easy to root their phones and put whatever O.S. you want on it.
I got the new Galaxy Note II, and just like almost everyone else who owns one and has written about it, I love it. It's better than any phone I've owned by far, and I've had iPhones, Blackberries, several android phones, windows phones, and more. This is totally on another level. Great job Samsung.
Congrats Samsung from my Galaxy Note 2.
I've been a loyal Samsung ever since the first Galaxy S phone. That thing was indestructible. 
Love it samsung rocks!!! Typed from my samsung galaxy s epic 4G, my first android was the samsung moment, my next will be samsung galaxy S4... yessir!
When jelly bean 4.1.2 released for galaxy s3?
Ever since my I have owned my Samsung refrigerator and Samsung tv I can't go back to a different brand. Now I'm head over heels over my Samsung SIII.
I have tried calling support where live operators transferred me to the correct department - but they were closed.

I have tried to ask a question on the support site - it redirects and permits no questions. 

I have tried to email support through the website - it fails.

Evidently Samsung doesn't really want to hear from customers.

Here is the problem I am trying to solve. Why am I getting absurdly low data rates on a Samsung 830 SSD?

New Dell T3600 E5-1607 CPU

Sequential Read 494 MB/s
Sequential Write 26 MB/s
Random Read 54912
Random Write 531
Saludos Samsung, donde puedo conseguir un Dock Pogo para el Galaxy Nexus, que pueda encontrar, surtirlo, importarlo para México, en sus oficinas en mi país, me dijeron que solo podía ser si ustedes lo tenían en stock.
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