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Runs like a PC. Travels like a tablet.
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i love it!!! when will it release in india?
I always thought it was strange there wasn't a keyboard dock for any of your Android tablets. 
Drooling!  ATIV ATIV ATIV!!!
Emre Z
How many months will i have to wait for it in Turkey........
Who wants a win8 device when we can have a droid at much cheaper cost....:-P
Just give us a linux tablet instead of that m$ crap
Costs a hell of a lot of money though. :(
Emre Z
This one is not an ordinary tablet it has a pressure sensitive pen which is very important if you are a gfx designer or visual artist... It is one of only a few art tablets around with these specs. And this one is using real win8 so we can use professional production softwares... Not a win8 rt... Go and buy linux tablettes.. But some people need this one really.
I love my Series 7 laptop so much i bought two this year. I got another after they released the Intel ivy bridge cores. Such fantastic machines. I'm coming from Toshiba, Dell, HP, and Sony. I go through machines fast, I think that I might get this to last a little longer.
Wow I hope this tablet doesn't start up like my Windows pc... cup of coffee later... 
Looks like a great product. I love that you've started including pens with your products. I really loathe greasy finger prints all over my screens and a pen was the first accessory I bought when I purchased a tablet.
+Luke Johnstone you gotta try Windows 8 my friend. I put it on my Series 7 laptops. My newest one went from 9.5 hrs of battery life to over 12hrs and it boots insanely fast.
Emre Z
Apple fanboiz and fangirlz...
+Neil Lund I think that there was one for the Galaxy Note 10.1, but it looked more like an afterthought.
Jay A
Is "runs like a PC" really a selling point?
+Jeffrey Wang Thanks. I've seen that one. You're right, it does seem like an after thought. I was actually referring to the type of keyboard dock pictured in this post. Looks like Samsung missed an opportunity with it for Android last time around.
Got one about  two weeks ago.  Nice unit.  Definitely a paradigm shift for mobile computing.  While it performs really well for something so compact (and battery efficient). I find the computing platform a bit too compact for the screen.  Possibly this can be adjusted but there are a lot of buttons and menu's in the desktop apps that are hard to hit with a blunt finger.  Better with the stylus and thank Samsung for having one.  Needs more tile app implementations for the software. IE is a good example of the environment shift needed.  Once again, Where the hell are the accessories?  I want a flip folder slash stand for this thing.  Needs a Surface type implementation to make it less awkward.  or something like the targus cover I use on my Acer Android tablet.  Keyboard is optional.
The ipad and Android tablet killer. It has tablet features and computer features. What more do you want. Brilliant.
Hey +Samsung USA,are you going to release a keyboard dock with a battery for the smart pc 500t and smart pc pro 700t? They could both really use this, especially the pro.
I prefer Samsung Note I, i heard  Samesung Note 3 Jerry Bean new arrival right
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