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Eric S
And still no Nexus 10 in stores. 
+Eric Seale You're point?  I really don't think Samsung has rights to distribution.  I'm sure the nexus brand and line is marketed and distributed by +Google 
I was in a Sam's Club in Frederick, MD. They have a nice offering of Samsung tablets on display. Just everyone of them were pin coded so you couldn't demo them. As a comparison the Apple tablets were open and ready for people to take a look at. Seemed very unbalanced.
+Samsung USA 
There was the Nexus 7 also pin coded, I think all the Android tablets were locked out.
I am happy with my note 1 so no need for note 2 but i want a note 10.1. Also Samsungs software updates are going very good keep like this Samsung 
Bought myself the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet for Christmas! It is extraordinary! ! For business or pleasure, Samsung is a winner! 
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