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JUST ANNOUNCED: In an industry first, starting this month we’re bringing our coveted Galaxy S III to 5 major carriers, with prices starting at $199.
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nawf Side
So will it have a quad core chip?
Love the consistent design Samsung, lets hope updates are consistent across the board for both international and US customers too!
I assume that the US-galaxy SIII is different from the galaxy SIII due to cdma. Just as the US-galaxy S2 is not a galaxy S2. Although I am hoping it's not the case any more.
i still like the iPhone 4s way better
+Ray Ortiz Some people don't like the ability to do with the phone what they want, they like it when they're told how they want it. It took a very long time before iphone users were allowed to change their sms-ringtone. It's still a very big task to change it. Android users can even replace the SMS-handler to their liking since version pre 1.0.
(So I never understood the hassle about the look and feel of the default launcher, just as long as you can replace it).
When will Sprint have available?
+Brad Gogats Where did you get the info that SIII is coming as "unchanged device" to US carriers? I find it very hard to believe... says, they will have a dual core S4 chip... yes they will be changed
Think I'll sick with my galaxy nexus so I can actually get updates. Though I am a fan of the technology in the SIII that Samsung has ripped off of palm like the wireless charging and other features.
The S3 and S2 seems to be the same with exception of the 2 gig RAM. Don't think its worthed. Stick with the s2 if you have it ICS update coming soon.
+Mark Cummings It's not the same. The S3 uses less battery, and has a bigger battery. It's way faster, has NFC, a bigger resolution, and 0seconds shutter time. Unless you are talking the US-S2, which is not an S2 at all. Anyway: if you have a real S2, it will be sufficient to do all you want (ICS has been around for over 1 or 2 months ;-) ). But then again, a HTC-G1 also does the things I need to do with a phone. (None of which is actually calling, since as a real Nerd I prevent any cell-phone calls). Buying an S3 is a question of (very practical) luxury.
I can call people and when someone calls me it rings and I can answer. It does the phone thing. Additionally it does games and stuff...nice.
It looks nice.  The blogs weren't so excited when it was first announced, but the single design across all carriers is really going to be a plus with regards to accessories.  I'm glad they aren't coming up with new names for every carrier.  It just adds to the confusion.

The only thing holding me back is the possibility of the Note 2, or just the plain old Note on Sprint...
its amazing . no word in dictionary to describe
I want to wait for the note 2 but I won't. I'm getting the S3 the first week of August 
i'm going to get it! i got a GS2 rooted and running ICS (Team Perfection) release!
i say out with the old in with the new!
the new GS3 has tons of new features, deff. going to get it to explore the new posibilities on this device, i'm sure all the devs are excited for this release! i know i am! f.y.i. to all t-mobile customers its been leaked that pre-orders start june 12! via only!
I wish you would have payed more attention to the body of SIII. It seems like plastic feel is the only drawback.
Was referring to the US Tmobile version. Guess to each their own, was excited about the phone since i heard about it in Europe. With the announcement in the US the took out the most important aspect of it the quad core. which is disappointing.   
I can't waiting to get the Samsung Galaxy 3 by Sprint Co. :)
I purchased my GS2 in December and i'm hoping i will be able to upgrade >>>>STOKED<<<<
now if only they would built it in an aluminum unibody or something stronger than plastic
Don Villapando. Slow updates? Only one htc phone (Vivid) has been upgraded to ICS..... The GSII has ICS and the 3 US versions are getting it next week. Sure doesn't seem any slower than htc.
thats less than a year ago.  your upgrade plan is 2 years for most contracts.
Great!!!! Now I want ics for my galaxy tab 8.9!!! When samsung, when?
+Don Villapando Slow updates are usually caused by strange hardware which is caused by CDMA, which is 50% of the US network. Everybody else in the world already has updates. The best thing you can do in the US is to go with a carrier that does UMTS with a fallback to gprs and buy a worldphone. CDMA is largely a proprietary protocol due to the patents not being FRAND. (As I understand it)
Edit: look at:
This is the new I've been waiting for.... bout time!
Samsug galaxy 3 is the second best phone
The best phone now is the HTC one x
Great, another Verizon phone that won't get updates. :-\
Just what we need.  Another brain-draining "smart-phone".
I love my Galaxy Nexus but, I'm kind of bummed I didn't wait for this one now...
I love how it looks in white! I want it!!
Paul Ed
Fantastic phone got mine yesterday :-)
Haha we have had it for almost twee weeks now.
The Smoothness and fluidity of ios shows how carefull and sophisticated the coding is.
Android is laggy even on quad core hahaha
Conclusion: if u have strong base u can excel limitlessly .
Android cover their ass by giving hifi specs like quad core 2gb ram lol who cares!
+Gabriel Cornejo Its not Samsung fault u bought the Galaxy S 2...Sell it or keep it..yeah made a mistake on who I was talking to.....Keep the GS2 is still a great phone.
+Ali Azim Keep drinking your Apple fucking joice iHipster...I can do 100 things your shitty crippled restricted iOS can't. I got choices and freedom..
Played around on S3 on the weekend, it is brilliant!
+Ihab Nagy The camera is alot better then on the Note...ITs uses the same sensor as the iPhone 4S...Its even better then the  ONE X camera.
glad to see it is getting to the US quickly unlike the SII. I wish I could have waited but alas my wife's phone broke last month so I had to use the upgrade to get her a SII Skyrocket. +Samsung Mobile USA  will S-Voice, S-Beam and other features from the SIII rollout on the SII or do we have to rely on +xda-developers  for those apks.
+Ihab Nagy Sorry but its not...The ONE X camera sensor is the same as the Note/Galaxy S 2.....
I think I'm the only "Mac guy" on the planet who has never owned an iPhone.  Guess I'm not a "fanboy".  So what 4G phone with a front-facing camera gives the best bang gor the buck.
Blah!! iPhone is still better. This is a bootleg wanna be iPhone. Fail!!!
Glad to see it launching on verizon. I'm quite happy with my galaxy nexus but when it launches I'm going to have to play with a demo and make a decision. Either that or an unlocked note or htc one x so I can have a global phone. 
+Alan Bombria the Galaxy SII is a pretty capable 4G phone even if it is last years model which you could get for cheap now that the SIII is announced. keep an eye on amazon wireless they will probably do a penny sale for the SII like they did when the Nexus was coming out for Sprint.
Had 2 weeks and my SAMSUNG GALAXY S II is the best phone I've ever had by far. so many things I can do don't think I will ever get to all the things it can do.
People ignore the idiot isheep fanboys......they are clueless.....
Why does Nick care what I think? I don't care about what you think! Dumb-ass!!!
Does anyone know how long I would have to wait to get this phone through and insurance claim? I lost my s2 but am wondering if I wait a little they might bump me up to a s3?
I like galaxy s2 .. I can change new Mobil and new model .. But i can't change bf ... Lol
Cubamus Prime?? Really?? Fanboy..... Wow. 
Yeah, I'm really intimidated by dudes that still watch cartoons! Fanboy huh?? Grow up
1 other thing it can't touch my iphone. the font you too small the screen is too small
I prefer specialized devices.  Eliminates a single point of failure.   I don't covet your new device and I don't like the statement implying I should.  Electronics marketing always seems to assume the consumer is young and wants to be trendy with their gadgets.  Hasn't that game already been played by Apple?

I'm sick of the waste in electronics.  They intentionally put out these point releases of hardware, enticing people to buy each version of their products, when it is technically possible to put out fewer products versions by not holding back features for the next product release.  Instead they plan for a set of tiered product releases, introducing only 2 or 3 new things each time.  They are milking you for your money via your tech addiction.
Mark L.
I adore my SGSII.  Looking forward to seeing the SGSIII.
YESSSS iphone sucks dick... over priced, controlling, and NOT open
Looking forward to getting mine.
Yeah, except Sprint is getting yet another dumbed down superphone. Give me back my quad-core processor! And you guys couldn't do better than another 8MP camera?? Bah!
I doubt they could do it even a tiny bit better, they might go out of buisness if they don't kick it up a notch.
Not too impressed I'm afraid. May end up going back to iPhone when the 5th generation comes out.
Get rid of your horrific Touchwiz overlay and will buy one in a heartbeat. Stock Android for me only please
Am I the only person who thinks the design and build quality look a bit iffy? Looks like a hell of a phone though
It's amazing technology.
Can't wait to get my hands on that phone love it!
Now that's what I talking about!!!!
quad core? particularly useless, idiots don't know what consumers want.
This does look pretty cool.. But s voice is voice activated, and of its like Siri, it needs Internet to translate. But the microphone is activated at all times- Samsung hears every word you say. Privacy issue?
Eric S
Hope you keep WolfsonMicro hardware for the USA version.
I have every phone from T-Mobile and AT&T! This will be a nice addition!
SGSIII has a 5.3" screen?  That's another plus in its corner for me.  I'm only 41, but don't have good eyesight.  I got the DroidX because it had one of the largest screens at the time.  So for large screens, is it SGSIII or Galaxy Note?  A tablet is too big for me to use as a phone.  LOL.
hi hw things i wish i could be with u pple
Try to decide if its worth giving up my galaxy nexus for
I wish I could get an upgrade from the nexus.
awesome phone i want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Samsung ROCKS! I absolutely love my Galaxy Note!
+Frank Banuelos Actually you need to grow up. Why go on a page that states release info about an android if you dislike them so much. Not everyone who has an android hates i-phones. I have a 4s and a Galaxy nexus and I prefer the nexus but both phones are great. Get a life man.
Ben H
Better than any apple ifail
looking good.  So many companies do a lot of things really good no one does it all great yet.  I can't wait until someone does.
How about making sure ICS is available for all the galaxy s2 customers first?
Hope it works better than my Verizon GN and can make phone calls without the mic muting.
@cabamus prime

Just for future reference, can you name some of the most useful of the "100 things android can do that the crippled os" can't.

Genuine question. 
Great news. Now do a next industry first, and not allow the carriers to jack up the Android OS with their bloat-ware.
I totally want one, but I'm totally going to make do with my current phone.
I love my galaxy nexus, can't wait to wee what you have brought out by the time my contract is due for renewal
Just got one and can't put it down best phone I've had
Front and rear camera booooys!!!! iphone 4
Let's argue about phones, because that's not depressing or anything.
To be honest its a kool but still mostly times u have to have wi fi not good wats the point having a phone with a limit of data just saying 
If the radio and reception sucks as bad as the VZW Gnex it doesn't matter if the S3 has a halo matrix it will still be a piece of crap.
How can you tell it beats the iphone 5-I did not know it came out? Or is that why it's better-because it does not exist yet?
Michael Hidro is a fucking idiot. You wouldn't step up to me in person to run your fucking flappers dog. Who gives a shit if you got two phones?? I own six phones from different makes and carriers. Next time you try to make a point about someone's opinion, make sure you know who you're talking to. Stupid prick!
I hear you Adam... why is this in my feed? Google is selling us out.
+Frank Banuelos Just stfu man. you are so tough making threats over the internet. btw I wasn't bragging that i have 2 phones just stating that it's possible to like both ios and android. You seem to be the one bragging. Playa
can anyone answer this: why does Samsung toys (dispite their ultra high specs) still lack the touch responsiveness of Apple products???
Looks pretty kool but i hate those phones where u need wi-fi all the time 2 get on ur market and stuff and i have at&t so it doesent matter 2 me
#ramiro silos it will be only dual core states side
Definitely my next phone. Buying one as soon as it becomes available
+Isaiah Banks I can get on the market or whatever app i want without wi-fi. As long as you are on a network with decent speeds there are no problems.
What the heck i feel really downgraded with my Galaxy S 1
Incredible. You guys are breaking the barrier again!
An un jail broken iphone is a useless phone...
They need to have that phone for MetroPCS
i am using the GalaxyS2 and i can tell you this: i rather go back to the old Iphone1 than this samsung shit.
this phone (the S2) is good in terms of size only. the software is sucks. this bloody phone stays on till i press the power button. what a stupid piece of shit !!!! and i keep pressing the fuckking power button every time i want to put the freekin sound down !!!!
As someone from Australia that is currently using the S3, all I'll say is that it's worth every cent!
I can't explain how happy this makes me. I'm still using my Galaxy S and I've loved it. Still runs 4.0.4 beautifully. Looks like it's time to update!
Have to agree with MuntherG-mail my Samsung and will definitely get this one when it comes out, but it is annoying that sometimes I have to wait several seconds for a response when I tap phone, and then I'm not sure if it registered so I tap it again, and then all of a sudden it performs the commands in rapid succession...hope that flaw has been fixed with the latest version.
+Erika Anderson can you be a bit more detailed on that? As far as a "phone/multimedia device", I'm sure the GSIII trounces the iphone. Of course the iphone makes you cooler at a Starbucks so I get why you would say that
Paul Ed
Yes its a great phone can not put it down
Finally, something that looks like a worthy upgrade to my trusty Atrix (just about the only smartphone Motorola did right...kind of).  Massive battery, awesome screen, and Samsung's released the source code already, meaning ROMs galore!
Now we will be able to go into a best buy and find more then one case choice for our phones! Can't wait to see it in person and decide if its enough to make me sell my Galaxy S2! Its hard because I love this phone but I really like new hardware!
This phone is definitelyon my want list. Waiting to see what else comes out.
i got mines on pre order i currently have the S II and its an amazing phone. i cant wait for the S III
Picked up my s3 yesterday here in Australia. And I must say the best thing is the speed. The quad core is amazing. I used to use an atrix and I thought that was quick. Ethos thing is in another league. Well done Samsung for making a fantastic devise. Strongly recommend to all android user's.
Mine is not yet a year old, and I'd love it, but I'm gonna wait at least 6 more months.  Love Samsung.
Wait 5 carriers who else is gettin da s3 afta tmobile
This new cell phone is loaded with unique features and the starting price is not bad at all for $199.99. Looking foward to buying it at a local T-Mobile Store.
I think samsung s3 is the one we be waiting for.time to pack my s2 in the closet
Samsung did it again anotha fone dat kikz da iPhones azz tired azz fone
Sweeeeeeet men i can't wait ,just hope that wind mobile will have it ,forget the I phones this is something I can't even put it in words just can't!!!.
I Have to get that phone!!!! I have the replenish and it kind of sucks 50% of the time but i have Faith in you Replenish Builders!!!!!! :)
Silly they wouldn't use a quad chip to compete with the htc one x, but I guess samsung is in its own class. Them and apple own the smartphone industry. I hope samsung doesn't merge licensing to ios, but who knows. This looks like a sweet phone.
So.. what do I do with my evo? I got it. It just got of the "Penn" now there is another new phone. I give up. All I know is the evo 4g lte is light years ahead of that iPhone nonsense. I'm happy. Thx Htc & Google
IPhone killer. At least until the 5 drops. Will be interesting what specs the iPhone has and its alleged screen size increase. I had a IP4 but sold it for an EVO 3D that was modded and overclocked. Much more customization. I prefer Android after having had both.
My poor galaxy s2 whatever imma get the one x because the s2 is ugly
I will have some interesting choices come September when my contract is up. This has added nicely to the mix. Thank you Samsung.
you can get a iphone 3gs for half that much and it talks
now i understand why everyone wants to have this... beautiful
Can't you upgrade my Nexus S for free if I do nothing but praise your phone to all my iPhone friends?
Same battery life as HTC One X, but screen is much worse (pentile), design is worse (subjective), UI is much worse (GB-style TouchWiz), and more expensive than One X.
My galaxy SII I love you and I shall take a picture with us and put it on my wall
I have an HTC amaze and updated to.ics 2 wks ago!
Just today i got this phone 16 G in Saudi Arabia. Till now the device good with me
Cant wait to get ma hands on this mini device...Android rocks
Looks like magic mouse 0.0
Oh apple fanboys, we love you too. Android 4.0 really stepped it up. Beautiful interface even touchwiz skin is useable but apex is awesome. The galaxy s3 is an amazing phone. Good job Samsung.
Can't put my SGS III down its sick. So smooth and fast quad core wicked.
People should wait to compare with iphone 5 before purchasing
Dang, I'll be frank and say I'm a bit disappointed by the specs for the US version.  The biggest two points of the SGSIII was the quad core and 2GB of RAM.  If the US version is only a dual-core with 2GB RAM, should it be called a SGS II.V instead?  :)  With that said, it is a nice incremental update of the SGSII, but a significant downgrade from what the rest of the planet is getting...
it doesn't matter if you wait or not.  this phone is beast
I have a samsung galaxy ace.(which is what im using for this)...i don,t see any reason to change phones as often as my socks...!!!...but would consider samsung in the future for other prices are affordable (compared to i-phone)....well worth looking at..!!!...
Will it work with tethering my canon 5d for uploading in the field 
I want.  Been stuck on this S1 for a couple of years now, so the timing is perfect.  I was looking forward to the quad cores, but I hear the s4 is a pretty good chip, so I am sure that will work out.  And 2gb ram should make it run pretty smooth.  I just hope the GPS is better then it was on the S1.
+Jim Kelly I'm in the same boat. Still love my Galaxy S1, but it's time to upgrade. I also have issues with GPS on my S1. It doesn't work nearly as good as it did on my original Moto Droid. 
Can't wait for the Verizon Galaxy S3... Great job +Samsung Mobile USA 
+Jim Kelly hear you on the gps for the s1, mine is a 50/50 gamble at best, can't wait for the 21st
This is just me being werid but is there anyone around the age of 12 tht wants 2 be my buddy?
Still htc one x is the best..
all it is is an apple magic mouse with a phone instead of a mouse
seen some benchmark test with comparing galaxy s 2 in the galaxy s 3 I don't know if it's worth getting, it definitely did not blow the galaxy s 2 out of the water in any category, starting to see by test on youtube that the S voice is terrible, does anyone have a galaxy s 3?
I want one! Too bad though, all that hardware and Verizon will want your kidneys to use it to its fullest.
Darn and I JUST GOT the HTC One s...for the SAME PRICE arrrrrrrgh
At mark Sanders have the HTC One and it CAME with ICS :-)
Man I just got the S II Skyrocket. What an supposed to do now.
APPLE!!!! there i said it now where's my tuna fish?
Industry first??? You mean you've launched the s3 (and it looks great) and a bunch of telcos are carrying it. Please explain how this is an industry first
arun tc
ooops cooooll!!!!!!!!!!!
Had my htc desire hd for over yr, but the looks of this nice s3 has got to be the most wanted phone, I've wanted in yrs, iphone start shaking haha
Can't wait to sell this device
Kassy G
that look exactly like the mac magic mouse on the outside like EXACTLY! i know cuz I'm an using one for my mac right now
Got one on launch day in the UK. Had galaxy S, which I was happy with, but the SIII is out of this world. Nice feel, great screen and loads of new toys. One happy customer :)
To everyone who are still debating about whether it is a wise decision to get a SIII.....aslong as the price is sensible....get it!! I got mine a week ago and boy do i love it or what!!!
To everyone who are still debating about whether it is a wise decision to get a SIII.....aslong as the price is sensible....get it!! I got mine a week ago and boy do i love it or what!!!
+Mark Cummings what are you on about? The S3 has only 1GB RAM.. But I agree with you though - not worth upgrading if you already have an S2
Samsumg needs to announce/provide a super easy way to trasnsfer data/images from Note to PC so that even I could do it!
+Andrew McGregor if u dont want things from "Explore Whats hot" on your ..Stream, turn the volume all the way down ( top left when on explore)  so it will only show up when u click on explore. 
i think that is cool but almost 200???? id rather get something else ;/
very nice, but the cost?? please, i can do more with $200 than just buy one phone
Iv got the s3 and im using it now, and i have to say, its a brilliant phone :D
200 bucks is way better than the 700 they'll be asking for it...
Does anyone know if it will have the quad core processor?
aimee C
Got my s2 b4 they announced s3 on the way..
The Android OS can be such a pain in the you-know-where at times.
I don't like ICS on my sgs2 I would rather go back to android 2.3
I think the OS is fabulous as long as your device has the processing power to keep it running smoothly. I am upgrading my HTC Evo in July and it will probably come down to this phone and the Evo 4G LTE. Decisions, decisions...
if i didnt have a droid, i would get this
Damn I just.bought the HTC EVO 4g LTE. Now what
They put Verizon on the bottom so that the other services would at least be read
Improve the build quality of you phone...made of low quality plastic
who wants a galaxy s iii when you can have a galaxy note?
I like HTC hardware better =) Sammy's note is nice though.
The hardware look's of S2 is far better than the S3 .. !!!!
Please bring the note to all carriers .
Dihan A
$200!! I paid £500
Yeah. Been waiting since Feb for this. Got a One S instead. No regrets... Yet. Damn you Samsung.
this phone not only looks epic but its processing power is tremendous!!!
Samsung right now are the top on this battle of "android" smart phones, Congrats
If you need to talk to siri about life or tomato soup you truly are a loser devoid a soul.
I have the galaxy 2 but now I cant wait for this one... Yeah
It makes my heart beat faster! NEED IT!
I've owned one Samsung product. That one product taught me everything I need to know about the brand. Garbage.
Sim card for the sprint version?
What is the new product of samsung that you know guys?
Wow! For once, US Cellular gets to be one of the first to roll out a new device!
had a glitched droid once got fed up with it i ripped the SIM card right out
This phone and the HTC One X are this years sweetest phones by far!!!!
I love S 3 the best phone ever and wow great battery life
Get the HTC evo 4g LTE definitely the best phone out right now
Thanks ; samsung is the best east or west..
Well, it sells nearly $1000 in China....
Wow got to have one I still have the S 1 in Brazil....u can have 1 like this no for less then 1000 bucks too...but if u want u have to wait until July....
Im always confused? Is the phone 199$ just to buy? Its 600€ where im from?
This phone is about functionality unlike the pretty-boy iPhone that's covered in glass but still, The S3 design will grow on you, trust me.
Wow that's such a slim phone! (Or should I say smartphone)
So dissatisfied with Samsung. The galaxy nexus had too many flaws. They need to fix all the bugs first before rushing it out to the public.
Great now I got to trade in my HTC one s
Who cares! Where is ICS for my Galaxy Note? Or do you only care about future customers?
Can't wait to get my Verizon 4glte Galaxy S lll!
Too bad it's gimped. Thanks for removing the quad core. Was a buy, now it's not.
I wish i cud hv that one coz mine is Galaxy Ace. To buy this smart phone in Malawi need u to fast and pray hard to achieve.
thank goodness that SAMSUNG specifically announced in their TV commercial that it's made for humans .... otherwise I was under the impression that SAMSUNG GALAXY S III is for the orangutans
The next iPhone will be called the "iPhone Galaxy" :-)
My Nexus just got a ota update to 4.0.4 finally!!!!!!!
I'm still debating what I want to upgrade to. My contract is up in November...I'm iffy about a pentile screen and quite disappointed they didn't make a quad core chip for cdma.. as well as only 1g of ram. I want to get something other than HTC have had nothing but software issues with my Droid incredible and I've had both. The 2 is having every issue the first did minus no longer receiving texts but it constantly drops from 3g, when using the browser it will have a webpage seizure and I will have to close and reopen. Constant force close errors on everything. Really frustrated. People talk how awesome the one x is and I'm inclined to think they are delusional. Everyone i know personally vows to never buy HTC ever again. I like Motorola but I'm afraid to sink money and another 2 year contract and be disappointed...
It also has terribad reception...sigh. :/
Ah ... I hv s + looking fr s 3 sooner than ever
Only screen looks great. But body gives feel of some less expensive China make phones. Not worth. HTC one x its better.
Candice Jones the pentile screen isn't that horrible, 1GB RAM is more than enough since most apps will go into suspend when not in use. For browser you can give Opera a try.
Force close may be caused by some other apps which is hogging the cpu time and therefore making the active app less responsive.
Sadly Android didn't have a smooth experience until quad core processors appear. (It is still stutters in dual core at times)
Best is to read the reviews in Android Central and TheVerge before deciding.
Looks like it has a faster camera than my s2. That was my only gripe with s2. Would love one, but a full year left on my contract..bummer. Hopefully s4 will be out by then lol.
Just realised, ill be a sheep like all the iphone users if i blindy keep buy samsung galaxy S's. Suggest l check out other phones first for the best performance etc.
When will your tizen phone come out to the light
Day one purchase baby! I'll be sitting out front of my local T-Mobile store @ 7am to make sure I'm the first one in to purchase my galaxy s3!
I can't believe if you bought one in the first week you win a trip into space worth 270,000 dollars!!!
After reading those reviews I am lock inclined to see what all releases between now and November. I'm not particularly won over on the s3 yet.
ooooo - wonder if it'll ever get to SA
Price is very high acording to mobile features
I was on galaxy s i9000 till had to buy iphone 4s due to the good monthly plan.. Iphone sucks! Just to set a track as music is a difficult task n mostly rely on itunes..galaxy is awesome coz of android n the amazing screen it has.. Android+samsung all the way!!
Most awesome galaxy ever. Feels much better than my S2. I love it. If you haven't got it yet, it's worth the wait. We get it first in Dubai.
I wish my contract was expiring!! I would upgrade to this phone!! allows user to have a say in what they want for the price they pay..iphone is expensive n locked n limited n many ways..pfft
just to think... i came onto google + to get my mind OFF of the fact i dont have enough for a cel phone...... O_o
Just got the galaxy 2 in pearl white taking it bac for the s3
i watch the ad. its just amaizing.
Love my note.. just for scribbling notes.. he he.. s3 is superb though
Man the only other phone that's been made overs and over beside the Samsung s series is the iPhone,and we all know apple just takes the logos off and replaces them with new one,iPhone 3g=iPhone 4 really it the same phone with a different name the sad part is that people are stupid enough 2 rebuy them
Have had the S3 for nearly a week and love it. I had the iphone for years and had apple not sued samsung then i wouldnt of looked at the galaxy tab and then convert to android :) the s3 is such a great phone you will love it.
나두. 홍콩에서 샀는데 .. 윈도우가 약해. 산지 하루만에 금이 같는데. 교환두 안되고.. 수리도 2주나 걸리네..
woooooow!!!!!!!i love this
+Samsung Mobile USA  Any word/rumor on the sizes of the US variants?? Thickness wise and what not... Since no "special" versions were made for each US carrier like the SGII, I'm thinking/hoping accessories are universal. Because I am LOVING the Samsung Flip Case, and it's very cheap online. would Love to have it on hand when the VZW GSIII finally launches... 
Yeah - but why not let Best Buy sell the 32GB versions?
Clearing out the S3 inventory for the new S4 which goes on sale in April no doubt.  !!@@!!
Samsung no 1 phone
Any time hot phone
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