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The Next Big Thing is already here-- watch the Galaxy S III in action in our latest ad and share with your friends:
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Can't wait for Official Jelly Bean. All these leaks just teases me!
Fantastic ad! I just recently got my Galaxy S3 and love it! The S3 more than lives up to the hype. Thank you +Samsung Mobile USA for making a quality product.
Joe Lopez
After a BS verdict Sammy keeps taking shots at apple. Samsung FTW!
Another great promotional video!
the last sentence is the best! :D
Oh, it is on. Love it! I switched to the S3 two months ago from the iPhone. No regrets at all. It doid take a while to get used to a different interface, but now that I am, it is awesome. 
"they make the coolest adapters", perplexed face. Love it.

Writing this from my iPhone 4. Looking forward to moving to the S3 or may just wait for the N2. Either way I'm ditching the #rottenapple

Whoa, the Note 2 for USA is quadcore? Thought this was left out of the US S3 cause it wasn't compatible with LTE? I was gonna get either the S3 or the new Nexus if it has better specs and upgrade from my S2. I want the S3 with quadcore and 2gb ram that international users got w/o having to import. I might just get the Note 2 instead now... that extra .7" may not be to big of a difference.

The commercial was awesome by the way! 
David H
Haha, this commercial is actually kindda funny... 
As a 66-year-old I object to the depiction of clueless parents. But my wife and I - who both retired from Google - are getting our S3s this afternoon. :-)
Great, but I wish my S3 audio didn't crackle.
I user are def not clueless just becuzz of the phone they pick becuzz when it comes to real power it already has been shown that it's A6 core is better then the 4 cores in the S3 u can't say what is clueless cuzz I'm def sure that android ppl do some very dumb things on there android phones also I love how Samsung can hardly let u see u need wifi to send photos and playlist and all that some ppl just don't like android OS some ppl like windows phone or whatever so it's not clueless becuzz u pick ios some ppl don't want to get a new OS cuzz they may have put a LOT of cash in the apps they buy or books movies whatever I love android ios and somewhat of windows phone the real stupid ppl or they one who thinks everyone should like and feel the way they do why can't ppl just like what THEY LIKE how is it going to hurt u or change ur life.....believe me what other ppl do won't 
Just can't wait for the Gs IV, next year. Go Samsung u r the best!
I love how these clips make out iPhone users to be lemmings. It's funny. The best humor is based on truth.

Not an S3 user, but tbh it's pretty much identical to the phone I have, One X. And this is funny!
+Dion Jones You don't need WiFi. It's NFC. That thing other smartphones have had for a year and isn't on the iPhone 5.
Sue them all u like, bt they jst came right at ya. Lol!
Funny. My wife has a S2 and she's liking it so far. She had a horrible experience with the HTC Inspire, it'd freeze about once a week. The S2 seems to be better. As for me I'm still getting an iPhone 5 =P
I've convinced two friends to switch and they've never looked back.... now get me jelly bean
I don't care who says what... I love this ad and so happy I have the S3!!!
Nice how all people do is downgrade iPhone users and talk about iPhones on a Samsung thread. Keep it up.
I used my Google wallet to buy something at a gas station and the cashier asked me "Thats awesome...can the Iphone do that?" "Unfortunately No". Poor Iphone users.....
nice... i own an ipad and a gs3.. in my personal opinion, android is far superior than ios.. it doesnt matter if the manufacturer is asus, htc, or googlarola.. android as an os is just better.. especially when it comes to jelly bean and the google now service.. however, although samsung has baked in some great features such as wireless streaming to tv's (and the xbox), picture in picture, and gestures, i wish manufacturers wouldn't muck up the stock android ui so much... matias duarte (originally from webOS team might i add) is a ui/ux mastermind.. ios feels terribly dated.. i posted a short youtube video about an awesome streaming experience i had using my gs3, and that experince alone takes the cake for me when comparing iphone 5 to the gs3.. to each his own though.. i guess some people just like a little less bang for their buck.
+Gareth McNorton I don't own a SG3 but I seen at the bottom when u see the 3 friends sending pics it talks about using wifi and that's what I'm talking about
Yura K
what a horrible ad )
Great ad. A GREAT product doesn't need to tell how bad the competition is, just how your product is BETTER. I'm waiting for the Note 2.
Not a Galaxy S 3, but I do love the Samsung that I am using and I do recommend them.
S III Is really soon as I saw it I had to get it more than iPhone...
Now if I had a android I prolly get the new nexus 
Wasn't talkin about the nexus 
+Dion Jones never said u were but the s3 sends photos with NFC just like what oh ya the nexus
While I can't say which phone is better (don't have an S III and have never had an Iphone), I can say that these Samsung commercials have been more entertaining to me than anything Apple's done since their I'm a Mac I'm a PC stuff.  Well played Samsung!
/wants a Titanium Grey S3 in his pocket now.
Ha ha! Love it. Can't be doing with iPhone obsessives. Not gonna get a Galaxy neither though - shock horror - but quite happy with the phone I've got, had it 2 years, can still download new apps. May have it for another 2 years yet.
Great job again, Samsung!
Love Samsung. Blunt advertising gets right to the point.
Hahaha nice...
Via Samsung Galaxy SIII...
If you have the US version its more powerful as it has the 2gb of RAM, S4 dual core, with microsd slot, replaceable battery, lots of advance software imporvements, 4.8 SUPER AMOLED screen, and many more - also it will have the JELLY BEAN (smoothest & most advance smartphone OS with google NOW) this coming october... iOS 6 is nowhere the speed, smoothness & features of JELLY BEAN...

We tested the iOS6 already in iphone 4s vs Jelly bean in GALAXY NEXUS (has much lower RAM & processor) but still beats the iOS 6, how much more in a very powerful US Galaxy s3???

Please check SAMSUNG galaxy s3, HTC one x & Lumia 920 and all TOP of the line ANDROID/WINDOWS smartphone - their width & length are not WEIRD like the iPhone 5 that has the same width of iPhone 4/4s with the same BIG BEZELS and .5 inch more longer.
The bezels are gargantuan that's why it looks big but the screen real state is STILL small - 4.0. If they made those bezels much smaller (like edge to edge of Motorola M and other coming top of the line windows/android phones) it will be much smaller even the screen is still 4.0. I taught apple engineer are great & awesome in putting their ideas BUT they are ALWAYS good ONLY in making their products pretty.

I have the iPhone 4s now & I will wait for much better design ANDROID-JELLY BEAN/WINDOWS 8 smartphones till Christmas time & I will tell you that there's more powerful, more advance & much prettier smartphone coming from all ANDROID/WINDOWS manufacturer this year.

I'm a fanboy of great design & hardware (with awesome specs.) NOT just the brand of the product...
The comments on the youtube video crack me up! Those people are hating on Samsung for taking shots at apple. What the hell did these people expect. You get sued for a billion dollars over bs and your supposed sit back and take it. Why would Iphone fans be bothered by the commercial unless they are having doubts about their blind purchase. Ohhh no... I'm sorry, the Five hand selected iphone loving reviewers say it's the best phone ever! 
Don't have problem with iPhones, I have a problem with Apple. The iPhone 5 will barely compete with an S2, S3 is way out of it's league. The next big thing, has been here a while.
Calling millions of your potential customers dumb is a great way to win them over.  Genius, Samsung!!
+Yi-Kang Hu - Didn't #crapple  get rid of their Apple Genius ads because they were calling their CURRENT customer's idiots?  Saying that Apple users are too dumb to use their products and that they need an Apple Genius to use them.  Hurm....  I don't think they are calling the Apple users dumb just uninformed.
That video is really funny. Only problem I see with it... I don' think a lot of people will really "get" it. That is too bad as it's really spot on! I find the iPhone 5 reviews funny. They state how much better then the iPhone 4 is. Ah... of course is it... it's not like the hurddle was set very high. Also, still plenty of room for Apple to "improve" from the 5. Eventually they will catch up to the S3... but it will take awhile.
You have to absolutely love these ads, it's like Mac vs pc ads except this time Apple is getting the butt of it
There's no way those who queue for days for an iPhone are going to change. The ad targets people closer to the fence, and let's face it, most people think anyone who queues for days when they don't need to is a bit crazy.
Galaxy S 3 is awesome, but where's the gnex 2?
But yet... somehow, Apple can still claim that Samsung is copying them?? I think Samsung is far beyond the reaches of Apple anymore in innovation.. 
Last part is the best.... "Maybe not this time.. Maybe next time.."
Thats why I switched!!! Tired of the next time......
So true.Cannot believe people would que to buy an outdated phone.
I love this commercial... did u hear the lady say, "what did u just do?" Also the guy with the Samsung Galaxy S3 he said "oh I just holding a spot in line for someone I know." And his mom showed up. lml.. Classic
I've been caught in the middle if I want to go with a Samsung or the new iphone. Decisions, decision!
+Samsung Mobile USA do you know if the TMobile version of the Note 2 will also support their LTE next yr or only HSPA+ 42? Or would I be better off asking +T-Mobile I don't want to buy a phone this yr and have to buy another or a newer model again next yr.
Funny, a lot of vague discussions on technology they barely understand - not representative of all iPhone users but does represent a large amount of those I've met over the years. Keep it up Samsung, but on a side note please respect the reasons we bought the S3 - replaceable battery, SD card slot, AMOLED, price (and others you've mentioned in advert). Also, can you please get jellybean out soon, not bothered if you drop half of touchwiz whilst you're at it, vanilla jellybean looks nice as is ;-)
Hi +Glenn Robinson, thanks so much for the support and for being such a proud Galaxy S III owner. Please stay tuned for news on this update. Thank you!
That youtube video is not available on my Samsung TV! Device-specific content suppression is the most annoying thing ever (#firstworldproblem)
+Marcus Randolph note 2 is not 7 inches. Its about 5.5. The breadth is actually shorter than the note 1 making it easier to hold in the hands. About your decision, I say it is the best. There is no better phone than note 2 at the moment, not even SIII. I'm waiting for it to be released in my country so I can check the price and decide what to get....note2 our SIII.
+Yohana Sutandi Because Apple acted first. They could have played like friendly competition should, but they sued and screwed Samsung over. Companies have to play offensively now that Apple is being like this.
Hey, i would want it! Looks pretty sweet to me!
I like everything about my SIII specially when it comes to Tectile Tagging..... and all the "SMART" features..... Its like, they thought about everything +Samsung Mobile USA 
I have S3 and love it.
+Marcus Randolph Oh yea you did. Funny I missed the dot. Ya shouldn't be much of a difference....the size I mean, it's a great device, isn't it?
Give us jelly bean and say "galaxy s3 so good our competitors want it banned"
Poor iPhone people, this commercial is the true.
+Gareth McNorton it uses NFC to establish a connection but then uses WiFi direct technology to send the file. WiFi Direct is between the devices so no wifi hotspot is needed. It really is a simple as it looks
Im on iphone 4s, i wish i could get an s3, saddest thin is i had a samsung b4 this apple s...
Yea but with iPhone works smooth all the time not just sometimes and u never have to restart it and who gives a crap about NFC it's stupid. Looks so gay bumping each others phones 
If you don't have an S3 don't say nothing bad about it because you don't know how amazing this phone is! Beast an a half!!
Keep up the good work Sammy I'm well pleased!!
aykut b
I wonder how old you are Tyler,well actually i don't,i assume you're a kid or a teenager.Well nfc is quite important for most people just like the importance of smoothness of iphone to you.At the same time,not everybody gives a f. about how smooth the animations are since they're not paying to watch some animation on a 4" lcd screen.
One thing I love about my S3 is the facial recognition when I take picture. Now I can easily search for pictures of my wife, kids or whomever else has been tagged instead of scrolling through my entire photo album
I've heard amazing things about the S3(android), but have heard a lot more amazing things about the iphone(iOS). iPhone FTW ... You don't mock the intelligence of the people you want to buy your phone, that alone makes me never want a Samsung product.(ill be keeping my 70 inch tv though)
+Robin Jacobs I really want Jellybean and am very impatient, but scared to tamper with rooting.What are the non-show stopping problems you've experienced with your rooted S3?
I got my samsun gs2… and i gotta got the gs3.... this i why iphone5 sucks....
Samsung ads are the best. LOL
Fools and iSheeps are certain of themselves, wake up isheeps !
Traded in my 4s for the s3
Love it. Samsung getting so cheeky lately!
Display of S3 is very dim at outdoor.Why? How to fix?
You guys are tagging on Apple's coat tails. 
So mockingly funny. Love it!!!
Hi +Rob Durso, welcome to the Galaxy family!  You may want to check out our Owner's Hub, where you can register your Galaxy S III and get some great tips from fans like you!
+U Hlaing go to settings, display, brightness, then uncheck Automatic brightness
+Samsung Mobile USA keep up the great work. Ur phones are the best in the market in my book. Them iproducts don't stand a chance. I'm a Samsung Galaxy Nexus user and it has been a wonderful experience using ur devices. I'm also looking forward if y'all decide to make it, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 device. I hope y'all do decide to craft the next Nexus phone. I cant see any other company right now to do the honors in making such quality when it comes to smartphone. One more thing congratulations on dethroning the iproduct from the #1 smartphone of choice and popularity.
Iphone fans get mad because of this ad!!!!! Because its true since the captivate we have been killing the iphone!!!!!! GS3 best phone I've ever bougth... can't wait for the next one!!!!!!
Thank You Samsung. And yes it is almost guaranteed that I will be getting the Note 2 and giving my wife my s3
I love the part where the guy is saving a spot for his parents...good stuff
Just watched +FOX 5 San Diego / KSWB blab on for like 5 mins about people lining up to start off the 10pm News. This is like the 5th or 6th story about the iPhone5 from them since the launch... Guess we know who pays their bills!
You guys are awesome... I have a Galaxy SII but I'm probably getting an SIII soon. Any recommendations on colour?
I hate apple. Im glad samsung is taking shots at them after a bs verdict
Guy whose waiting his parents was in line in samsung galaxy II... Now he has his SIII lol
guys im throwing a party at my house and if your gonna ask the details lets just say its gonna be simalir to PROJECT X ill send you directions later but first you have to spread the word
we love these commercials....specially all the ones that have NFC in some way ;)
For all those who have S3's this year...What are you going to say when they release the S4 next year? Come on, you guys are falling into the same category as these iPhone users that they are making fun of in their commercials 
+Richard Lee. Samsung S3 rooting problems? Not a one. I've done Odin and 1 click terminal rooting and have not had problems with either one.
+Robin Jacobs. I've never had those problems with my phone after rooting and I've used Go, Nova and Apex launchers and booting back to stock samsung keyboard has never happened to me. Its kept SmartKeyboard in place every time.  
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