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BREAKING NEWS: Sign up at for the latest updates about the US version of our much anticipated smartphone, the Galaxy S III, which will arrive for fans this summer!
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+Samsung Mobile USA great job on this device. Nice hardware! Total FAIL! on touchwiz. Nice new features but we could have done with out the TW ui...
John B
I think Samsung will release it in 5 months sametime with iPhone5.
This summer or May 29th, in USA?
John B
Euro will have it first in May. U.S won't be available in a few months. Maybe timing it when iPhone5 comes out.
+Samsung Mobile USA Please let the carriers change the phone and take away that ugly apple looking button!!! and put in ICS soft buttons and a 1080p screen :)
Capacitive buttons and a physical button? I'm not interested. Anything without on-screen buttons is not in my future.
+Samsung Mobile USA nice I like it and love all the features . But can us galaxy nexus owners download the s-voice and some of the other stuff that will be on this device?
Android has had voice functions built in for years. Rebranding it, comparing it to that Siri crap, and maybe even improving it, doesn't mean it didn't exist already.
Now that you've shown off your new toy can I PLEASE get a update on my unlocked galaxy nexus
I've only read repeated reviews of Siri's finicky functionality. I have, however, used voice search to perform similar functions successfully.

I word it that way simply because I'm already seeing reviews on this device suggesting this feature is ripping Siri off. This functionality has existed and worked in Android long before Siri went online.

Should I use Siri instead of just assuming the reviews of laughable functionality are accurate?

Oh, I forgot to be on topic. Strange choice with any buttons, Samsung. The software buttons are there for a reason, and the screen is certainly big enough for them.
I just changed from a flip phone to galaxy sII, I'm already behind!
Arrebentou Samsung. Agora que ninguem te pega mesmo.
I think you just made a huge mistake on this one Samsung. Google if you are reading all these comments on the Internet about how disappointing people are about the new Galaxy 3, don't make the same mistake with the next Nexus. I think Samsung has jumped too far away from Google on this new phone. I want a true Android phone, but with exterior and interior "wow-effect! " Please make it happen Google.
+Barry Denton if you get anywhere with that..let me know that it's possible to get them acting on their customers feedback! Blogger Interface...ugh.
I want to know what made you choose HD Super AMOLED over Super AMOLED Plus for the S3.
OH beatiful... i like this awesome and smart machine very much!
Ugly phone. I have a galaxy s and after I'm getting a HTC
Us carriers please change look of sgs III
Please, please, please give us U.S.A. customers a carrier independent GSM/HSPA + version of the SGS III and future SGS phones. We do not want to have to wait for slow carriers to deliver needed/necessary OS updates to our smart phones. The carriers added software in most most cases adds little to no value for most people in my opinion. Having yet another middle-man between the consumer and phone manufacturer does not increase the customer experience. I am not saying we should not have carrier subsidized phones but I am saying that should not be our ONLY option.

It seriously takes Samsung far too long to deliver updates even though they make really good hardware.
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