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Calling all fans! Get credit to upgrade your existing phone to the new #GalaxySIII with our Samsung Upgrade program:
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i think i will keep my galaxy nexus. Jelly Bean coming soon ;)
Great Idea but damn what a bust. $85 for my LG G2X (i know the phone sucks) but what a rip, got my hopes all up. Guess ill have to wait longer to buy my +Samsung Galaxy S III. Dang +T-Mobile I Love your service been a member for almost 7 yrs but this phone is way too pricey 
+Vince Pimentel I am from Austria, so i need a version with provides all the features (especially google now and voice search) in German, so i will wait the 2 or 3 weeks ;)
$90 for inc2. I'll hold onto my unlimited data awhile longer thank you. & really??? Linking to fb from Google+. Smh
I haven't noticed any features missing. ;-)
I think it came with the Google apps included (can't remember for sure). But even if it didn't, there are Google Apps zips you can install via clockwork mod.
Any how, JB is going to be pretty sweet! Already using this version as my daily driver with no issues really to speak of.
Specs on this phone is amazing, but how they treat updates to their devices like galaxy tab 10.1 ICS in August and jelly bean already announced. Get with it Sammy. Looking into trading my galaxy tab in for Nexus 7. Then I know I'll get updates.
$40 Dollars for my Captivate?? my Blackjack II isn't even listed...
And another facebook program?  At least it looks like you can call them to upgrade.  Is it that hard to set up these things from the samsung site?  I'm just curious.
Irony: My Galaxy Note $285, iPhone 4s $300.
Got $140 for Galaxy SII (I777)
+Austin Turner The Captivate is actually holding out like a champ on AOKP and running rather smoothly for a singe core 1Ghz phone.  Got some real worth in this phone, but something more powerful would be nice.  Hosting this on facebook still bugs me, but looks like it's not required to have an account there.
Checked up on my brother's Impression as well... $0 (horrible phone though)
Good idea, bad execution.
For $65, I'll keep my 2 month old $500 doubelshot after I get myself a new Samsung.
Got my Galaxy S iii. Wish a 32 GB in Pebble Blue would have been available to buy....
Yea Sammy stay off here if all you are doing is leading us to Facebook
I was going to have a look at the offer until I was brought to a Facebook link. Promptly turned around and exited.
Come on Samsung, don't you think it may be bad form to link to Facebook from Google +??
the Facebook link really sucks....
I tried but my Evo4 is worth more the $40
Should be Calling All Morons! Seriously? Why would ANYONE take a few measly dollars for their phone that is obviously worth possibly hundreds?! 
Jelly Bean leaks for my gnex have me beyond satisfied! Thanks, but no thanks.
Oh and I have a DX, I'm not upgrading to your device via facebook, I'll stick with my DX for now. Believe me, I don't want to.
There are two better places to go for this kinda thing, and why I use them. I won't mention either resources here though as it's rude.
@ terry poulin: thank you for your consideration.
+Samsung Mobile USA please stop insulting us with Facebook links...WTH do you think we are on Google Plus...I'll give you a hint it is not because we miss Facebook so much that we can't wait to click on one of you'd Facebook links...get it together guys I really want to respect y'all.
+Joey Brockert Now my stream on the other hand, I can write it plain now that I'm back from the store lol
+Samsung Mobile USA how about instead of tryna rip people off outta more of their money you update some of these phones you have out here I mean there's people with galaxy nexuses that aren't even updated yet because of your greed as much as you my be helping the android brand your hurting it just as much with your greed and laziness UPDATE THESE PHONES ESPECIALLY THESE GALAXY NEXUSES OUT HERE!!! And PLEASE update your build of nexuses to jelly bean the same time as the rest of the unlocked gsm nexuses
My galaxy s they said 40 bucks..I mean really...cmon!!!!
I'm good with my note for the next yr or so, I just need this ICS update (AT&T)
+Gerrell Blake devices factory unlocked and non carrier branded are purely Samsungs respsonibility. For Nexus devices, tell it to Google. When on a carrier you will Be shafted by the carrier. My fiancee had to wait ages for Telus to update her S2, long after the community and long after Samsung did the same.
I was offered $200 for my galaxy nexus that isn't a week old in usage. Could I trade it in for the sg3, anybody?
+Terry Poulin some of the builds are updated by google other nexus builds (like my yakjuzs) aren't updated by google but by samsung so it is there responsibility but a lot of people don't know this they just hear unlocked gsm nexus and think its only google updating but that's not the truth in all cases some galaxy nexuses are updated by +Samsung Mobile USA
Or should I say aren't updated since samsung doesn't seem to be updating them I just hope my unlocked yakjuzs nexus gets updated to jelly bean at the time its released and not 3 months or so later
Its amazing what they think our phones are worth when they can just be Play Store Touch device's ala iPod touch. I'd rather keep my DX.
not that i have anything against s voice but with jelly bean the google search and google now are amazing will samsung scrap s voice and embrace google now/search i hope they do
Getting mine next week : ) a blue one 
Just four more days until the sg3 is in my paws! 
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