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Tell us, how is technology an integral part of your job? Then watch how fashion designer Dao-Yi Chao uses his #GalaxyNote:
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Very clever. Must take care when choosing my next smartphone this May. Had 7 HTC Desire's over a 20 month period (faulty handsets!)
You know how I use mine on my job? Oh wait, I'm still waiting for that +T-Mobile date!
Samsung Mobile Unpacked!!!!May 3rd
Samsung Galaxy s3 here I come!!
Waiting since loooong time for s3!!!!!
lex c
$3 exclusive for TMobile quad core monsta
I work in a law office and go to college. Technology is my life. I need access to my documents and files all day everyday. I have a smartphone, tablet, and multiple laptops am am now in the market for an ultrabook. I like the Dall XPS 13 but refuse to buy from that company ever again so looking at Samsung series 9. Anyone have suggestions?
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