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We just launched the newest member of our Galaxy family-- the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0! Check out the full specs and let us know what you think.
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where is the processor info
I already have the original galaxy tab, it's not worth the upgrade, because it's the same resolution...
Benchmarks are in the 2500 range for it +Joey Lopez it is a TI single core it appears, very hard to find exact specs on it, so I am going from the benchmarks. Definite improvement on original tab, but coming at a bad time with the nexus tab going to trump it in specs and price... for the moment it is the best price you will find retail though, which is nice
I cant wait to see the new Galaxy 10.1
+Samsung Mobile USA Thanks for this link. But, like the poster above, I checked both the Best Buy site and the Samsung site... I see "dual-core processor" but no speed is listed. Prelease info indicated possibly a 1GHz dual-core? The P6200 has 1.2 dual-core (love it!) but this new product seems to have a lower price, so I can't guess. :-) Any word on processor speed on the final version?

And definitely +1 to the new Galaxy 10.1! I'm an early Samsung adopter and had one of the first Tab 7 classics, and also have a P6200. I just picked up the (version 1) 10.1 tab and it is BEAUTIFUL! I never thought I'd be into a bigger screen on a tablet, and still love my 7, but the 10.1 is SWEET!

Thanks, and any word on the processor specs on the 2.0 line would be great! :-)
I bought the original Galaxy Tab on the day of release and also own the Nexus, but I'd have to say I was not impressed with the Galaxy Tab 2 specs. 3MP camera killed it for me.
@Nic Wolverton - I have read about the Note Tab, but that is the 10.1" size. I would prefer a Note in the 7"-8"size. Take this device and add that support and tack on some money to make up for that technology and I'm in.
hi, when are you launching the samsung galaxy tab 7.7 3G model and is it coming to Nigeria?been waiting for ever!
not bad but very normal as samsung had to make any tablet computer that can be compared with the i pad 3 but this one is too usual i think i pad 2 and i pad 3 are better than this one
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