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Hover with the S Pen to see inside albums, preview videos and more with Air View on GALAXY Note 10.1.
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It's not on mine, is this an update soon?
is this upgrade or update available now? or is it just an ad which will be available after a year as what happened on my Galaxy Note?
no update for middle east region....thank you +samsung......
Mine is on its way :) It's a Deep Gray (very stilish) 3G 16GB :)
Yet another taunt +Samsung Mobile ? May I suggest you check your reputation on XDA Developers with regards to the lack of updates for the WIFI version... we really aren't happy with you.
+Jochen H. Das Update gab es vor ca. 2 Wochen in Deutschland. Versuche mal ein manuelles Update.
+Kris Hudson-Lee Could not agree more. Puzzles me that they continue promoting features that don't exist without providing a release date or indeed any statements to the customer base. Strange customer service mentality, at best. I would argue strongly for no more teasing.
muito bom teno um ele é otimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe Note II already has this, but as a Note I user, I'd think the following would be very useful for copy/cut/paste of text: When the S-Pen is over text, its button should behave like the left (main) button of a mouse, i.e. moving the S-Pen over text with a pressed S-Pen button results in the marking of text for copying or cutting. A copy/cut/paste menu might then pop-up upon release of the S-Pen button, as long as its pressing resulted in at least one marked character (since the S-Pen lacks to right-button of the tradtion mouse). #teamsamsung #galaxynote
Air view does of sorts work with ICS... Especially in Chrome. 
ممتاز جدا هدا الجهاز عن تجربه احب هدا النوت10.1 
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